Is the era of thin and tall women passing?

Graceful female silhouette on a yellow background - the woman is standing on her toes, with a sculpted beautiful body, thin and tall, with long hair.

Scientists: In half a century, the ideal woman will have completely different measurements, and natural blondes will be extremely rare

As we try to fit into the modern ideal of beauty it is difficult to imagine the women of the future, but scientists analyze and compare proportions to predict what they will look like. One of them – Stephen Stearns from the University of Yale predicted that in 50 years there will be no slender and tall beauties.

Their place will be taken by shorter and fuller, but still beautiful women because, as evolution suggests, beautiful people produce beautiful daughters. However, this rule, for some reason, does not apply to men. Today’s representatives of the stronger sex do not become more attractive with the generations, and ladies will have to put up with this. But why is the height of women decreasing?

According to several scientific studies, short and chubby women give birth to more children than thinner and tall girls, so this type will prevail in the future.

People start to look more and more alike

A silhouette of a woman in a dress and a hat looking into the sunset.
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People start to look more and more alike

Another thing that analysts have noticed: over time, people start to look more and more alike. This is because of mixing and assimilation, in the global world community isolation is decreasing and the distinctive external marks of different nationalities are blurring.

One more proven fact cannot be ignored: light-haired and light-eyed people are decreasing. Every year fewer and fewer blue-eyed, green-eyed and blond-haired individuals are born, and soon it will be very rare to meet people with natural freckles.

Two women photographed side by side in close-up so that only one eye of each is visible. They both have brown eyes and look alike.
Photo: Unsplash


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