40% off

Save time and money, host your TRAININGS
in the sustainable environment of ATRIUM


Driven by the philosophy that knowledge is more valuable than money, we decided to offer you special rental rates for our training halls. Now you can book ATRIUM Hall, City Hall and Visionary Space with a discount of up to 40%.
The special offer applies to the full-day trainings and/or hourly trainings at least once a week for a duration of at least 1 month.
Black conference chairs with flexible desks in ATRIUM event hall

ATRIUM HALL is our largest green space with a capacity of up to 50 seats

Overview of ATRIUM Visionary Space meeting room - black conference chairs, white tables, plants, clock made of frames, creative lamps and carpeted floor

VISIONARY SPACE is a new conceptual room for small groups trainings

Overview of City hall with carpeted floor, black chairs, wallpaper with arch-window and city view

CITY HALL with its urban interior can accommodate up to 30 seated people

Overview of ATRIUM event hall with carpeted floor, black conference chairs with flexible desks, large TV monitors on brick wall with moss and cocktail table

We can offer work and leisure at one place

Black conference chairs with flexible desks, large TV monitor on a brick wall and natural moss into the bricks in ATRIUM Hall

Chairs with flexible desks and smart monitors are perfect option for all kind of trainings

Stylish chairs, flip chart and coffee corner in ATRIUM Visionary Space business meeting room

Our halls are equipped with everything you need for trainings


Remarkable venues in the city centre of Sofia

Central city location

Just a 3-minute walk from Serdika metro station and Presidency

Team of professionals

Our team is ready to assist you in every part of the organisation

24/7 access & security

You can plan your event without worries how late it will end

Best quality catering

For corporate or private event we offer the best quality for every budget

Wheelchair accessible venue

Providing also a toilet for disabled guests inside the ATRIUM Hall

Sustainable environment

Host your event in a green and sustainable venue at ATRIUM


access & security


standing guests


conference seats


plants inside ATRIUM

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