“Code MAGNIFICENT – fall 2023” – Award ceremony in ATRIUM

Eight ladies dressed in elegant white suits pose on a makeshift "red carpet" and hold golden statuettes in their hands

ATRIUM Business Center hosted the official ceremony of "Magnificent Woman" Club

We did it again! ATRIUM Business Center once again became a partner to the “Magnificent Woman” Club. Yordana Dimitrova, the founder of the club, presented the seasonal prizes to the winners at ATRIUM Event Hall.

“A magnificent woman knows that charisma is manifested in behavior, in facial expressions, in speech, as well as in the way a person does something” – Yordana Dimitrova, a “Personal image and brand” expert, as well as an etiquette and emotional intelligence specialist, is firmly convinced of this.

A blonde lady in a suit holding a microphone speaks to an audience of women also dressed in white. A red carpet can be seen in the center
Photo: Magnificent Woman

That’s why in her Academy for years, season after season, ladies from business, art, finance, technology… in general, from different walks of life, upgrade their knowledge and discover the better version of themselves.

Yordana, holder of the “Mrs. Bulgaria 2012” title and mother of two wonderful children, believes that every lady is capable of becoming an architect of her own MAGNIFICENT destiny – it is enough to first wish for it and then move to action.

A blonde woman in a white suit is standing on a red carpet and has her arms out to the sides. Behind her is a billboard with the words Magnificent Woman
Photo: Magnificent Woman

This season more than 40 ladies went through the 3-month Magnificent Woman Academy and step by step built their MAGNIFICENT version of a confident, sophisticated, and elegant woman who knows the answers to the important things in life and who wants to learn the answers to the questions that she still doesn’t know.

  • Do you want to feel confident in every situation in life – business meeting, business event, official ball, family gathering?
  • Do you want to learn to present yourself in your best light, to be an erudite and interesting interlocutor?
  • Do you want to have your own style, dress easily within your budget and get compliments on your good looks, posture, and manners?
  • Do you want to have a beautiful life, inspire people with your positivity, look great in photos and be full of energy?

These and many more questions get their answers at the MAGNIFICENT WOMAN Academy, and traditionally all successfully graduated ladies receive a “Personal Image and Brand” Certificate for having completed the “Code Magnificent” program during an official ceremony.

Two women dressed in white suits pose next to a pillar that is decorated with several white clouds
Photo: Unsplash

Behind every successful, confident, and elegant woman are knowledge, skills, and awareness!

– Yordana Dimitrova, personal image and brand expert

Dress code WHITE

A White dress code in the middle of winter is a real challenge, but all the ladies who attended the event followed it thoroughly. During the program, the ladies go through 24 master classes and collect the “8 KEYS TO MAGNIFICENTNESS”

  • Appearance and beauty
  • Intelligence and knowledge
  • Manners and gestures
  • Gait and posture
  • Speech and communication
  • Habits and interests
  • Image and reputation
  • Entourage and social circle
A blonde woman with glasses, wearing a white suit, holds a red bag in one hand and a green shoe in the other
Photo: Magnificent Woman

Special guest lecturers at the event were Nursel Borisova and Desislava Avdzhieva, the first certified instructors in “Personal Image and Brand” at the Academy “Magnificent Woman.” They inspired the ladies on the topics of:

  • “Fashion Trends for 2024”
  • “Public Speaking Skills”
Smiling young woman with black hair in a ponytail holding a microphone and speaking to an audience
Photo: Magnificent Woman

The surprise of the event was Mi Amor jewelry, presented for the first time in Bulgaria by Iliana Getsova. Anelia Petkova gifted the ladies a discount card for the Bridal Fashion boutique, a trusted partner of the Magnificent Woman Club. During the festive cocktail, the ladies enjoyed handmade chocolates from Anna’s Chocolates and a Bellini cocktail from Seewines, the favorite drink of the ladies in the “Magnificent Woman Club.”

An exquisite ring with a green stone is set in the center of a butterfly, the lower part of the photo shows a scrolled letter
Photo: Magnificent Woman

A magnificent woman knows that elegance is not about standing out, it’s about being remembered!

– Yordana Dimitrova

Specialist in personal image and brand and emotional intelligence


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