Algae Milk – The New Superfood

On the left of the photo - a test tube full of liquid and green algae, on the right - a glass of milk

In Singapore, the first alternative to dairy products has been created

Algae Milk or Mylk. This is a one-of-a-kind alternative to dairy products, and it’s entirely eco-friendly. The development of the plant-based foundation is the work of the food technology company Sophie’s BioNutrients, based in Singapore.

A wine glass with a green algae-like liquid poured over it
Photo: Unsplash

The product is made from water and protein flour, created from microalgae, which contains the same essential amino acids and nutritional value as natural dairy products. Plant-based milk is safe for people with allergies and lactose intolerance, as reported by Vegan First.

A large wooden spoon full of white flour
Photo: Unsplash

A year ago, the company introduced another innovation – a burger made from protein flour derived from microalgae, containing twice the amount of protein compared to beef. According to Eugene Wang, co-founder and CEO of Sophie’s BioNutrients, microalgae is the superfood of the future.

Two burgers, decoration of green spices and a slice of lemon
Photo: Unsplash

We believe we can transform the way we live, produce and consume food for the better.

Eugene Wang, Co-Founder & CEO, Sophie’s Bionutrients


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