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What exactly is CoWorking?

CoWorking is a global movement that provides collaborative and innovative office space solutions for people to grow their businesses. The concept simply means the use of an office or other working environment, by people who are self employed or working for different employers (startups, freelancers, people traveling while they work). The spaces and amenities are shared by everyone involved, creating a community atmosphere to share ideas and knowledge. Find out more!

Are there additional expenses that aren’t included in the pricing plans of CoWorking and Private All-Inclusive Offices?

There are no hidden fees or additional expenses unless otherwise agreed upon. Such as printing, mailing services or additional meeting room hours above your membership allotment.

Can I bring my monitor or other equipment?

Of course, bring anything you need to do your job. You can request a locker to store some of your belongings. However, if you are using a Private Office Desk, your space can be accessed by personal code or fingerprint and you can leave your monitor on your desk.

Can I invite outside clients in for meetings?

You can absolutely bring clients in for a meeting, we do kindly ask that you book a meeting or brainstorming room in advance. Find out more about our meeting spaces.

What if my business outgrows my ATRIUM CoWorking space?

We always try to accommodate our members growth within our spaces – you can upgrade to bigger office or mix open CoWorking with All-inclusive offices and conference rooms for the days you need.

Is CoWorking a better alternative than renting a traditional working space?

Many smaller businesses or freelancers cannot justify the costs of renting an entire traditional office space, so CoWorking spaces (desks and private all-inclusive offices) offer the option to short-term rent without deposit. Therefore members get all the perks of a traditional office including internet, printing, a kitchenette and a lounge area, without all of the additional steep overheads.

How is it preferable over CoWorking from home/remotely?

CoWorking is snowballing, thanks to all the health-conscious folks with an athletic spirit. The zenith of isolation has come with colossal baggage of mental and physical maladies. With the raging depression pandemic, the importance of socialisation has reigned. Obesity, depression, suicidal tendencies, disturbed circadian rhythms and insomnia are all the drawbacks that could come with work from home. When one co-works, their professional and personal life strikes a symphony.

What is the difference between Hot Desk and Dedicated Desk in the CoWorking?

With a Hot Desk plans, you can work at any of the free spaces in our common area. A Dedicated Desk membership is a specific desk that is yours, and you can set it up with your own monitor & printer if desired. Learn more about our plans.

For how long can I rent Hot Desk and Dedicated Desk?

You can rent a Hot Desk for 1 day or more (no limits apply), even for 1 night. For Dedicated Desks we don’t offer daily plans, because workspaces can be kept reserved not less than a week.

How do I ensure the security in CoWorking space?

ATRIUM CoWorking has 24/7 security staff and access control by phone app or individual keycards. Private all-inclusive offices can be accessed also by personal code or fingerprint. Every card activity is registered and can be traced to the keycard owner. We have constant video surveillance of the entire space.

How do I benefit from CoWorking?

The rewards of choosing flexible office spaces are countless; both from the employer’s and employee’s side. It is worthwhile from all angles, flexible seating layout, fully furnished setup, free high speed WiFi, housekeeping staff, admin staff, maintenance staff, access to breakout areas and meeting rooms. Apart from these tangible benefits, CoWorking refines your soft skills, develops your overall personality and burgeons your professional contacts.

Where can I keep and heat my lunch?

We have an equipped kitchenette for your use. There is a refrigerator and microwave to both keep and heat your food. So you’re more than welcome to bring your lunch and snacks with you. Find out more about ATRIUM relax area.

Do I need to bring coffee, tea and water?

We are pleased to offer you premium selection of Lavazza Firma Espresso, eco tea blends and filtered water at ATRIUM Chill Out & Gaming Zone.

Is underground parking included?

We have an underground parking onsite and it is free of charge for bicycles only. Additional fees for car parking apply. Contact us for more.

Can I work out of "office hours"?

Actually, we don’t have fixed office hours – we are open 24/7 and you can work any day and any time you want to.

Event Spaces

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How to choose the right space for my event/meeting?

Share with us detailed information including the topic of the event, number of people, technical requirements, additional services, and everything else you think we might need. We will call you back to finalise your inquiry and we will give you detailed information and payment conditions.

Do you have catering?

We prepare on-site coffee break for the events – with premium espresso, organic tea, Eco-water and cookies. For the cocktails we work with the best catering companies in Sofia. If you wish, we will provide you with full assistance to make the best choice for your guests.

Is there a fee for catering provided by us?

Yes, there is a fee for external catering in some cases. A certificate is also required.

Do you offer coffee break?

We are proud to work with premium brands for refreshments – LAVAZZA Firma espresso and organic blends of tea. Water we provide for coffee breaks is also eco.

Do you have cocktail bar tables?

For the comfort of our customers, we have also taken care of this convenient detail and can provide cocktail bar tables.

Are there designated areas for storage and/or back-of-house?

We have a service room detached to ATRIUM Hall with “secret” backstage entrance to the venue. Catering or technical support can be stored there.

Is the presentation equipment included in the price of the event spaces and venues?

Yes, the presentation equipment is included in the price and is not paid extra. Our team will assist you if you need technical assistance.

Can I host an event out of "office hours"? How late can events run?

Actually, we don’t have fixed office hours – we are open 24/7 and you can plan your event any day and any time you want to. We set no time limits for event venues, so the final time of your event is up to you.

What branding opportunities are available inside and outside of the venue?

Hosting your event in ATRIUM, you have a lot of opportunities for branding: welcome signage at the lobby and event venue, window stickers, clings or vinyl lettering affixed to windows of the hall, banners, oversize visuals or structures, branded steps on the floor, branded video for the monitors at the lobby or in the halls, branded buffet signs and menus, gift corners, and more.

Do you have a wheelchair-accessible venue?

All ATRIUM event spaces are wheelchair accessible. We also have a toilet for disabled people in the ATRIUM hall.

Can we use one of the halls for corporate event and ATRIUM Balcony Lounge for the cocktail?

All the ATRIUM spaces are flexible. You can combine Brainstorming Room, Visionary Space and ATRIUM Hall with open space Balcony Lounge. For non-formal presentation or product launches you can book also one of our luxury Boutique Hotel Suites with stunning rooftop gardens. It will be our pleasure to make your event memorable in our artistic and unconventional space.

Is underground parking included?

We have an underground parking onsite and it is free of charge for bicycles only. Additional fees for car parking apply. Contact us for more.

Boutique Hotel Suites

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Can I get an early check-in?

Early check-in (before 15:00) is based on availability at the time of arrival. We allow guests to store their luggage in our security room and enjoy ATRIUM Relax Zone until their suite is ready. But if your suite is available upon arrival, you can have complimentary early check-in.

I arrive late, how can I get the keys for the suite?

Do not worry, we have available staff 24/7 who will welcome you and give you the key cards for your suite.

Can I do a self check-in onsite or online in advance?

Yes, you can do the check-in online before your arrival or on-site at the reception desk self-registration counter. In both cases you need to provide your valid ID document at the reception before receiving access cards.

If you prefer online self-registration in advance, just drop us a message at: and we will send you back the link.

Can I use CoWorking and meeting rooms?

Sure, all the spaces in ATRIUM are at your disposal. You have 1 hour free of charge for CoWorking and Meeting Room per day and pre-booking is needed. Additional fees with discounts for these extra services are applied.

Can I get a late check-out?

Late check-out (after 11:30 AM) is subject to availability on the day of departure and available upon request. The prices are:

  • up to 2:00 PM – 50 BGN
  • up to 4:30 PM – 90 BGN
  • up to 9:00 PM – 190 BGN

Is parking available on-site?

We have underground parking which costs 24 BGN per day. Please, contact us to pre-book a parking place.

Do you have laundry service at the hotel?

We offer paid laundry service. A single load of laundry costs 7 BGN without dryer and 11 BGN with a dryer.

Do you offer express dry cleaning?

We can organise for you express dry cleaning – for 2 hours, with pick-up and return services. From our partner Media Clean you will receive 10% discount.

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