Office is not just a place anymore!
Join the trendy urban people who enjoy
work and life at Atrium CoWorking space
ATRIUM CoWorking open space with desks, comfortable chairs and natural plants around

Work in a relaxing and green environment in a real natural garden under the glass roof of ATRIUM

Retro label for workspace featuring ATRIUM CoWorking' private offices

Go for the next level in one of the ATRIUM boutique all-inclusive private offices with smart access control

Natural plants and moss, chairs and large monitor in ATRIUM Hall, a part of ATRIUM event spaces

Host a meeting at ATRIUM halls with aroma-design for boosting energy and creativity

Retro label for ATRIUM professional staff of event and office managers in CoWorking space

ATRIUM team of professionals is ready to assist you in your daily work and event organisation

Billiards and table football in stunning relax zone, a part of ATRIUM CoWorking

Enjoy ATRIUM Chill Out and Gaming Zone with kitchen, free refreshments, TV, relax poufs, and more

Retro label for ATRIUM CoWorking facilities such as free fitness desk

Try ATRIUM CoWorking facilities such as fitness desk, video conferencing space, library, and more


Work smart, not hard

Central city location

Just a 3-minute walk from Serdika metro station, in a quiet neighbourhood, with a lot of restaurants around. Plus underground parking!

Natural garden & aroma-design

In open workspace or private office, feel the freshness of indoor greenery and aroma-design for energy under the glass-roof of ATRIUM.

24/7 access & security

You can work any time you wish to, even during the night. 24/7 security staff and reception desk are at your disposal in ATRIUM CoWorking.

Free Chill Out & Gaming Zone

With free refreshments (premium selection of eco-tea and espresso), fitness desk, library, relax poufs, kitchen, billiards, table football, and more.

Made-to-measure pricing plans

Save money from traditional office and choose between pricing plans for CoWorking that suits your needs, without deposit and additional fees.

Sustainable business

Work in a sustainable and nature-inspired business environment with indoor and rooftop gardens, use free underground bike parking.


ATRIUM CoWorking is an eco-friendly blend of
all-inclusive private offices and open green workspace
where every detail matters
ATRIUM with its green CoWorking open space, boutique private offices, stylish conference rooms, sunny balcony lounge and stunning relax areas is one of the most inspiring places in the city centre of Sofia to work, meet your business partners and host an event. CoWorking is set in a magnificent indoor garden with more than 200 green plants and trees, and plenty of natural light coming from the glass roof of the atrium.
You can choose between 30+ wellness-inspired Green Desks in an open space and 4 private all-inclusive offices with smart access control and boutique design. Chill Out & Gaming Zone, fitness desk, refreshments, phone and video conferencing room come free of charge with all the pricing plans, as well as ATRIUM CLUB discounts from our partners. Meeting rooms, underground parking on-site and ATRIUM Boutique Hotel Suites – spacious 3-level penthouses with boutique sustainable design and stunning rooftop gardens are also a great advantage for you and your business partners.
Here, in ATRIUM CoWorking, we are empowered by the zero-waste lifestyle, providing recycling services in all the areas. What is more, the members drink filtered water and can enjoy free bicycle parking and discounts on environmentally friendly way of transportation.
Our clients love most the sustainable concept and eco-friendly environment, the freshness of indoor garden, the aroma-design for energy and creativity and the central location. But we have many more amenities for work and relax! Welcome to ATRIUM, the urban oasis!

With care for nature

Moving together towards a more sustainable business



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