Edible Beer Cups – the Japanese are proud of their creation!

Glass cups of different shapes and sizes, lined up next to each other, filled with different types of beer

Japanese approach beer cups creatively to reduce plastic usage

Edible beer cups! The traditional beer cup is no longer what it used to be! After Austrians created the first environmentally friendly beer, produced using only green energy, it’s now the turn of beer cups that can be eaten.

Three glasses, arranged side by side, brown in color with inscriptions: "Act now" and "Because there is no planet B"

Japanese inventors creatively tackle the environmental pollution issue and produce beer cups suitable for consumption to eliminate plastic waste. The Asahi brewery in Tokyo announces on its official website that it now offers beer cups for the bubbly drink made from potato starch. The production of Mog Cup is a collaboration with the Marushige confectionery (which already has experience in creating utensils and eating tools from edible ingredients).

a Japanese man takes a bite from an edible plate
Photo: Unsplash

The eco-friendly beer cups resemble thick ice cream cones and are available in three flavors – plain, rice cracker-flavored with rice crackers, and chocolate-flavored. They come in standard sizes S, M, and L.

two glasses filled with brown liquid
Photo: Unsplash

The issue of temperature differences is also solved – the cups retain the liquid for up to an hour at room temperature. With the idea of extending the liquid retention time, the creators of the edible cups test them with other beverages. Mog Cup contributes to building a sustainable society, replacing single-use plastic cups with a new ecological consumption trend, as stated on asahiinternational.com.

edible plates and bowls filled with food - meat and vegetables
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