A hypoallergenic mushroom-based hair dye has been invented

A girl with green eyes and long blond hair dyed in various iridescent shades: pink, light green, violet, yellow, electric blue.

There is now also paint that changes color depending on the temperature

Good news for allergy sufferers: American biochemists have developed a hair dye with natural melanin extracted from mushrooms that is hypoallergenic. It does not irritate, it preserves the color for a long time and also protects the hair from ultraviolet rays.

Melanin, which is found in skin, hair and nails, is also found in mushrooms. Scientists have extracted the natural enzymes of mushrooms and turned them into a dye, reports the scientific journal Chemistry of Materials.

“Many people are allergic to hair dyes, but it is unlikely that the body will develop an allergy to melanin like the one in it,” says one of the creators of the product, Nathan Janesky.

The new product is safe for health and does not fade even after repeated shampooing. The invention colors hair only in natural shades: light brown, chestnut and black. Scientists are working on diversifying the palette, and until then we can benefit from another innovative development of paint that changes color according to temperature.

A woman with multi-colored hair - blue, yellow, pink
Photo: Unsplash

With a single swing of the hair dryer

Pravana Vivids Mood is the world’s first thermally active color and it changes with a blow of the hair dryer, or simply by stepping out into the sun or by a blowing breeze. It does not harm the hair, as it does not change its structure, but is an external spray, according to the manufacturers.

Social networks are overflowing with experiments on how cold purple turns into sweet pink, lime shade into light yellow, and gray remains invisible. Users report that it has a more interesting effect on blonde hair than on brown, but… judge for yourself.

Picture of a girl in back with shoulder-length wavy hair colored purple with pink, yellow and blue highlights.
The pictures are illustrative. Photo: Unsplash


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