You can tell Alexa anything!

A woman's hand holds a smartphone in front of a front door that has a voice assistant installed on it.

The rise of intelligent voice assistants

The recent rise of home gadgets Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant shows that the technology behind voice searches is developing at an extraordinary pace. Assistants developed as voice control systems allow you to speak simple commands and see them carried out.

The devices recognize voice, understand spoken words and play back responses, so you don’t have to press buttons to turn on the lights and TV. In recent years, however, they have provided more detailed answers through dedicated voice-activated apps.

What voice assistants can do

This is quite useful when you are out and about and communicating with the Echo smart speaker. Running commands like: “Turn on the air conditioner” and “Find all Sade albums on YouTube” certainly make life easier, but Alexa can do even more complex things.

For example, to prepare different recipes. Or control your smartphone while driving, as well as control other smart gadgets through Echo Frames. These are smart glasses with built-in 4 microphones and sensors for sound adjustment. The glasses provide access to Alexa and are among the latest developments.

They do not yet have Bulgarian language support and to use them you must speak English, German, French, Italian, Spanish or Japanese. That’s not much of a hindrance though – you’ll still be able to ask Alexa in any of these languages to set the alarm for tomorrow at .6.00 – she will do it!

A small round black smart device - Alexa voice assistant with four control buttons and a thin glowing part, placed on a wooden surface.
Photo: Unsplash

Much more than home gadgets

By connecting to Amazon Echo, you can ask Alexa about a variety of things, from what time it is, what happened on this date 100 years ago, or the news concerning the covid pandemic in Finland, for example, to ways to play sports, games or for meditation through its fitness and relaxation applications.

Children can also communicate with it, and you can help your business through it, because the smart device can convert units of measurement and many other things. With it, it’s easy to book a plane ticket and hotel room, shop online, make lists, solve tasks, send a message to a person whose number is in your phone…

Whatever you want, because it’s a smart control center designed to handle almost anything. It’s no coincidence that the smart assistant business keeps growing. Maybe they will make us lazier, but certainly life is much more comfortable with them.

A small cylinder - voice assistant that says Amazon, placed next to a large screen with blue black waves on a TV stand.
Photo: Unsplash


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