A private office in the coworking space

On a white desk in a bright private office is a computer with a large screen that says workhard anywhere, there is also an open laptop and a white table lamp. Pots with green plants, a computer mouse and a white bottle of liquid are placed on the desk.

It is the best alternative to home office work

Over 50% of European companies are considering or already carrying out general reorganizations of their employment structure according to Eurostat data.

Many of them are betting on hybrid offices, where it is possible to combine work from the office with work from home. Even before the quarantine and the COVID pandemic, home office is a normal practice for one-twentieth of all employees who work on a computer. A year later, they are already a quarter – several studies prove the unprecedented change in such a short period of time.

A woman with long brown hair, a white top, blue jeans and gray socks is sitting on a bed with a laptop on her lap, and a sleeping dog with golden fur lies next to her.
Photo: Unsplash

But in order for the work to run smoothly, managers also play other strategies, namely the allocation of private offices in the coworking space. This solution is becoming quite popular and here is why.

A coworking space with a suspended ceiling of industrial-style metal structures, on the right there are three windows and large monitors, in the center there is a minimalist coffee table with a plant pot, next to it - a leather sofa, opposite it there are two gray armchairs, behind them there are three desks with large computers and a man sitting in the back, on the left there are three more desks with two men working on computers, sitting on ergonomic chairs, and behind them - more desks and ergonomic chairs, on one of which a man is sitting on the back. There is also a standing brass lamp in the hall, at the bottom there is a glass door to another office with two large screen computers.
Photo: Unsplash

The beauty of the private office

It consists in the fact that it offers peace and quiet. Personalized, closed and locked, so no one can enter without an invitation. It is a way to make use of investments made in equipment and furniture that would otherwise sit unused.

In a private office, you get all the benefits of coworking: networking, knowledge sharing, professional or casual socializing around the water cooler, but also a secure private area for holding client meetings, confidential conversations or just meditating over a cup of coffee.

Having an oasis that offers privacy in the midst of an active community is a good option for more effective teamwork – you’re at a healthy distance, but still part of the community.

Have a look at the ATRIUM CoWorking private offices:


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