6 tricks to add dynamism to the office interior

A long light wood table with white chairs lined up next to it in a large meeting room with a wooden parquet floor arranged in geometric shapes, white walls on the left with two large colorful paintings, on the right wood paneling and doors to other rooms, a suspended white ceiling and in at the bottom of the frame, a man in the back standing upright writes something on a whiteboard.

And why the modern workplace needs more action

The laconic, austere and boring office decorations, with nothing superfluous in them to predispose to focus and work? They are not enough to create an interesting and dynamic interior. Then… luxury carpet on the floor and new wallpaper on the wall? They do not play out the idea of artistry, action and spirituality embedded in the design concept of movement and speed. And the dynamics in the interior is exactly this.

A visual sense of movement and speed

This means that the physical objects in the interior remain static, and their mobility is implied. It is achieved by incorporating shapes, patterns, colors and lights that create the feeling of movement. A lively arrangement of furniture, some specific design techniques and decorative elements also bring a spirit of liveliness to the space. The action effect gives modern touches, provokes activity and moves away from the static character of classic styles.

The dynamic composition is not just broken and unusual, it gives depth to the office, expanding it even more visually, and this is great when spaces are small and narrow. But the dynamic interior is ideal not only for co-working offices, individual workplaces and event and meeting rooms. The lively style is suitable for both the living room and the teen bedroom, as long as you furnish them correctly.

Coworking space with large windows, interesting round lamps on the ceiling and various furniture: tall gray tables with bar stools by the windows, a low table with a glass surface, a brown-gray leather sofa and two yellow leather armchairs, behind them a large pot with a palm tree, behind the pot has a reception desk with a person, next to the reception desk there is a sign "Never doubt your instinct" and lots of green plants along the walls with wooden shelves. The ceiling is gray and suspended.
Photo: Unsplash

Elements of the dynamic interior

It always carries some idea, visualizes a certain concept through the objects in it. Stimulates the creative spirit through expressive accents: bright color on part of the wall, arrows, spirals, stars. The basis of this style are curved or inclined lines, sharp or obtuse angles, asymmetry and diagonals. Abstractions, stylized forms and ornaments are also welcome.

  1. The decoration of the floors, walls and ceilings follows a certain rhythm, the blinds or curtains on the windows are multi-colored, they can even be made of several types of fabrics.
  2. When choosing office furniture, do not forget the basic rule that the atmosphere in the room will be more animated if you place it as far as possible, that is, provide dimensions that will be comfortable for people, but will not stand obtrusively and weigh in space.
  3. It is good to “get away” from the almost obligatory light wood and white colors, as well as from heavy dark desks, cabinets and chairs. Modern materials with an interesting texture, as well as non-standard shapes of furniture and objects in a futuristic style are perfect for the dynamic spirit of the office. Glass and shiny surfaces will emphasize the wanted mobility.
  4. Pictures and photographs are of different sizes, placed on different levels. All this creates an impression of sympathetic chaos that provokes emotions and attracts attention, and this is precisely the desired effect.
  5. Vertical or horizontal lines – a few straight lines located in parallel or highlighting the supporting columns will also give life to the interior. They will contrast with the shape of the furniture and optically enhance the height or width of the room.
  6. Geometry and light – contrasting combinations and accents will definitely make the interior more lively. By “contrasting” we mean not only the color shades you will choose, but also the dichotomy between the shapes, sizes and materials.


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