A bouquet of coworking professionals

A large bright coworking room with floor-to-ceiling windows, partitioned in two by a glass sliding door with many pots of green plants, three round work tables with two green armchairs each, a suspended white ceiling with round light fixtures, a rack on which folders are arranged and behind him, two women and a man are sitting and talking. Behind the glass partition you can see two more working employees - a seated woman and a standing man, as well as lots of natural greenery.

The pleasant working atmosphere makes it a favorite for people from 20 to over 70 years old

The average age of members of co-working societies is 36 years, according to global statistics for 2022. However, this does not mean that the majority of them are in their 30s, on the contrary – representatives of different age groups are included in shared working spaces and the range is quite broad, from 20 to over 70 years.

What employees inhabit the shared workspace

Interestingly, about 80% of employees who prefer co-working have a university degree. And these are representatives of various professions! Older people are usually consultants in various activities, and this is logical, because they have accumulated a lot of experience in the relevant field, while young people are usually designers, marketing specialists or deal with PR.

20 percent of employees under the age of 30 who preferred working in a coworking space to standard offices and work from home, work in the IT sector, and over 40 percent of people between 30 and 50 are freelancers – shared offices are a favorite of freelancers.

The rest are representatives of various companies, whether small start-ups or prestigious corporations – the fact is that absolutely everyone has been taking advantage of this type of work in the last few years.

In a co-working space with a high ceiling that lets in light, brick walls, large windows, large gray flagstone flooring and black and white striped carpets, there are three large desks with black metal legs and wooden tops on which are computers with large screens and four seated men in light shirts and three standing in checkered shirts work around them, as well as a woman in jeans and a dark sweater in the back. On the right of the photo, you can see a ladder on which a man in dark clothes and white sneakers is going down.
Photo: Unsplash

Why there are more men in coworking spaces

Women make up around 50 percent of coworking community members, and this became clear from data for Europe and the US as early as 2019, but three years later there is a drain on the female workforce in shared offices. Look around and you will see that there are more men in them. Why is that? Quite simply: coworking is preferred by the representatives of the stronger sex, and they are unanimous in their assertion that the atmosphere there is more pleasant and the opportunities provided to them – more and more flexible than any other workplace.

Three men - two with gray jackets on their backs and one with a full face are sitting on high white chairs in front of white tall work desks of different heights and glass tops, in the desks you can see cabinets with folders, on them there are white open laptops. At the bottom there are white open cabinets with books and documents, above them - a colorful picture, around - pots with flowers and hanging plants.
Photo: Unsplash


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