ATRIUM Social Wednesday – Easter Workshop

A white basket full of patterned Easter eggs, various crayons and paintbrushes can be seen next to it for Atrium Social Wedneday

Once again, ATRIUM sparks imagination with a colorful Easter workshop

If they’re going to be eggs, let them be decorated! If it’s going to be a workshop, let it be creative! Because within each of us lies the talent of an artist. Let’s awaken it! During our traditional ATRIUM Social Wednesday!

Once again (following Christmas and Baba Marta), we transformed ATRIUM into a magical art studio, where our friends showcased talent, imagination, skill, determination, and a lot of effort.

Colorful Easter eggs, crayons and paint brushes, a glass of red juice and a plate of Easter cake
Photo: Atrium

Easter eggs

Without worrying whether someone might not recognize the bunny in their drawings or whether they have the hand of Picasso, everyone engaged in the Easter workshop and demonstrated admirable creativity. It is no coincidence that within the ATRIUM family, we believe that every person is a genius in their own way! The most enthusiastic were the boys and girls from the Flax&Teal Companies.

A group of men and women gathered around a round table painting Easter eggs
Photo: Atrium

And so, while enjoying delicious Easter bread and sipping on red juice (because red is the most important Easter color), for just a few hours, Easter bunnies, colorful spring meadows, angels, a rainbow, and even the symbol of ATRIUM, our urban oasis hero – THE CACTUS, came to life on the white eggs.

5 beautifully painted Easter eggs, against a yellow wall with a painted green cactus
Photo: Atrium

Driven by the idea of fun, we all created our own little masterpiece on the egg white. The most creative ideas are now displayed by the trees on the ground floor in ATRIUM.

ATRIUM Social Wednesday – Easter Workshop, real soul entertainment, genuine delight for the eyes!

Colorful Easter eggs stuck on a stick, photographed against a background of greenery
Photo: Atrium

Man is first of all a creator. And brotherhood can only be called a community of people working together.



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