Parking Rules and Regulations
ATRIUM Management will highly appreciate your collaboration
in abiding by these rules and regulations for your safety

Last amended on 1.02.2022


A) The present rules for the underground parking (the “Rules”) enter into force as of 0:00 on 1.02.2022 and regulate the access and stay of vehicles in the parking area of the ATRIUM Business Center and ATRIUM Boutique Hotel (the “Parking”);

B) The Rules are approved and adopted by the company responsible for the management of the Parking – Atrium Management EOOD, a company incorporated and operating under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, having its registered office at: 24, George Washington Str, Sofia, registered with the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency under Uniform Identification Code (UIC) 206211699, represented by the general manager Maria Georgieva-Savova (“ATRIUM”);

C) The present Rules shall apply to all users of the Parking who have entered with a vehicle in the Parking (the “Users”);

D) ATRIUM is entitled to amend the Rules at its sole discretion where any amendment shall be binding on the Users as of the date of their uploading on the website


1. In order to access the Parking, the User shall have a submitted registration form and prepaid parking tax (daily, weekly or monthly) at ATRIUM reception desk.

2. By entering the Parking with a vehicle, the User is deemed to have accepted the present Rules and has undertaken to fully comply with them.


3. The User undertakes to drive, park and take care of the vehicle on the territory of the Parking in full compliance with these Rules, in accordance with the signs installed in the Parking and the regulations for the use of private parking spaces. The user undertakes to fully comply with the instructions of ATRIUM and its representatives, required by the State institutions for fire safety.

4. ATRIUM does not provide Vale Services. It is User’ responsibility if he/she requests assistance from the staff when parking the vehicle.

5. Entrance, parking and stay in the underground level is forbidden for Users driving gas supplied vehicles. In case ATRIUM or any third party suffers damage and/or in case of sanctions imposed by the competent authorities as a result of non-compliance with the present prohibition under this item 5, the User shall be held liable and shall fully indemnify ATRIUM and/or any third party for any direct or indirect damage sustained as a result of such default.

6. The User undertakes to inform ATRIUM staff of immobilisers or devices that prevent the removal of the vehicle in the event of an emergency. Otherwise, the user is fully responsible for any damage that may occur to his vehicle, Parking and third parties.

7. The User undertakes to park the vehicle only on the explicitly designated parking spaces as marked in the Parking. The Users are not allowed to park on reserved parking spaces. In addition, ATRIUM reserves its right to restrict the access to certain parking spaces at its own discretion, in which case the Users shall not be entitled to park on such parking spaces with restricted access. It is expressly forbidden any vehicles to be stopped or parked on the entrances and in general on any place that is not marked as parking space.

8. The Users are allowed to drive the vehicle on the territory of the Parking with a maximum speed of 10 km/hour.

9. The Users are prohibited in the territory of the Parking to use fire, flammable devices and substances, to smoke, to consume alcohol, to cause unnecessary idle running and use of the engine, to park vehicles with non-tight fuel containers, to load the vehicle’s tank with fuel, to undertake repairs and/or maintenance works on the vehicle, to clean the vehicle and to discharge liquids for cooling the engine of the vehicle, to place anything that hinders the visibility, passing or parking of vehicles in the Parking. In case of non-compliance with the above requirements, the User is responsible and will be prosecuted by the law.


10. The User is allowed to exit the Parking only after payment of the incurred fees under item 11 below.


11. (1) The fees for access to the Parking per one vehicle are determined according to the following tariff, applicable for every day of the week (working days and weekends):


  • day (up to 24 hours stay) – BGN 30, VAT included / BGN 24, VAT included, for the offices and hotel;
  • week (up to 7 days) – BGN 90, VAT included / BGN 72, VAT included, for the offices and hotel;
  • month (up to 30 days) – BGN 300, VAT included / BGN 240, VAT included, for the offices and hotel.


  • day (up to 24 hours stay) – BGN 54, VAT included / BGN 42, VAT included, for the offices and hotel;
  • week (up to 7 days) – BGN 160, VAT included / BGN 126, VAT included, for the offices and hotel;
  • month (up to 30 days) – BGN 480, VAT included / BGN 336, VAT included, for the offices and hotel.

(2) The fees are prepaid at the reception desk, every working day from 9:00 to 18:00.

(3) In case of exceeding paid time additional charges apply and must be paid at the reception desk before exit with the vehicle.

(4) In case of non-paid taxes, the security staff has the right to keep the exit closed unless all the taxes for the parking are paid. The User continues to be fully bound by the present Rules until the vehicle leaves the Parking and the User has paid all the fees hereunder. The User acknowledges that ATRIUM is entitled to remove the vehicle from the Parking after the expiry of the maximum allowed time at the expenses of the User. In the latter case the User is to pay any and all fees under the Rules and to pay the expenses for the removing of the vehicle immediately to ATRIUM.


12. In case of breach by a User of its obligations under the present Rules, ATRIUM is entitled entirely upon its own discretion:

a) to place a penalty fee of the User depending on the damages caused by his/her fault.

b) to request payment of the damages caused by the User.

c) to remove the vehicle from the Parking at the expenses of the User in case the vehicle is not properly parked in accordance with the Rules, if it poses threat or if the maximum time allowed for parking has expired.


13. ATRIUM is entitled to receive the fees under the Rules in the amount and under the terms and conditions herein.

14. ATRIUM ensures the Users the undisturbed access to the Parking in accordance with the purposes of the present Rules.

15. ATRIUM shall be liable only for damage caused by ATRIUM or its representatives as a result of willful misconduct or gross negligence. ATRIUM shall not be held liable for damage caused by any third party. The User is obliged to inform ATRIUM of any damage whatsoever occurred in the Parking immediately after its occurrence and in any case before leaving the Parking.

16. ATRIUM is not responsible for the security of the User’s vehicles. ATRIUM shall not be responsible in case of damage or theft of a vehicle, or in case any property is stolen from a vehicle. The security of each vehicle is responsibility of the User.


17. The User is obliged to pay the fees under the Rules, according to the time spent in the Parking.

18. The User shall comply with the present Rules.

19. The User shall be liable and shall indemnify any damage to the Parking, ATRIUM and/or to any third party caused by the User and/or third parties travelling with the User in the vehicle. In case of any damage, the User undertakes to inform the representatives of ATRIUM and the security service of the Parking immediately after causing the damage, but in any case before leaving the Parking. In case of occurrence of any other unpredicted situation and/or emergency the User shall immediately inform the security service.


20. ATRIUM uses technical means for video surveillance and control of the Vehicles’ registration numbers for the purposes of applying the present Rules.



The Company processes the following personal data of the Users:

  • video images;
  • data concerning the registration numbers of vehicles, names and contacts of the user.

The information is considered a privacy notice within the meaning of Art. 13 and 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/ 679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

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