CoWorking Basic Rules and Etiquette
Here are some easy to follow CoWorking rules that you should be aware of
when signing up for ATRIUM CoWorking space

If you’ve never had a chance to visit or work at a CoWorking space, you need to know that it’s slightly different from the traditional office. Even though both spaces don’t share many similarities, they both follow some rules. In this situation, we call them – CoWorking rules.

Every coworker has its own working rules, but it’s way more important to follow the rules given by the manager of the space. It’s not that scary as it sounds, but in case we don’t respect the guidelines there will be ‘working chaos’.

ATRIUM is a CoWorking space which provides visitors with a quiet area where they can concentrate on work, boosting their productivity as well as widen the circle of acquaintances and possibly business contacts. Everyone should keep in mind our house rules. If you fail to follow them, you will lose the right to come to or work in the CoWorking space.


Working spaces
  • Each working unit comprises a table with a chair and wireless or cable Internet access.
  • You have 24/7/365 access to the CoWorking space and Private Offices.
  • It is necessary to respect foreign property. In case of furniture or property damage arising out of negligence, you need to arrange a replacement or pay for the damage.
  • You should not bring your own furniture to the coworking space or stick posters on the walls without prior permission. If you think you have a really good idea for a new wall poster, you are welcome to present it to the community manager. Everyone should endeavour to make the shared office spaces pleasant for all users.
  • The temperature of the room should be such that it will suit most users. We normally avoid under- or overheating, as it is a waste of valuable energy.
  • We are fond of pets, but they do not belong in a working environment and are therefore prohibited from entering the CoWorking space.
Meeting spaces
  • Brainstorming room, Visionary Space conference hall and Atrium Hall are at your disposal. For booking and prices please contact reception staff.
  • Phone & Video Conferencing cabin is free of charge, pre-booking is required.
  • The furniture in the meeting spaces should stay there at all times.
  • The meeting spaces can be used for business conferences, loud phone calls or online meetings.
Chill Out & Gaming Zone
  • Our CoWorking space has a stunning and comfortable relax area which can be used by all CoWorking members.
  • You might consider using labels with your name on the food and beverages which you keep in the cupboards or fridge.
  • Everyone is responsible for keeping the relax zone clean and tidy.
  • The kitchen utensils, coffee machine, water in the relax zone is a shared resource.
  • Making refreshments like coffee and tea is a self-service.
  • Please put all the cups and dishes in the sink and wash them if possible.


  • CoWorking is a shared working environment so everyone should make their best to maintain a quiet working atmosphere.
  • If you have a phone call or online meeting please use Phone & Video Conferencing Cabin or one of the conference rooms if they are available in the moment. If not, please try to keep your volume low, so everyone can focus on their tasks. You don’t want the same to happen to you.
  • Keep the ringer on your cell phone at a civilized level. We suggest you a silent mode if possible.
  • Although visitors are allowed in the coworking space, everyone needs to abide by the rules concerning the voice level. Invite your private visitors to the bar and your business visitors to the meeting room.


All CoWorking members are responsible for keeping the common rooms clean and tidy, which means that everyone should clean their desk and take care of the garbage once they have finished working for the day. Please recycle whenever possible.

Cleaning supplies are kept in dedicated places.

There are recycling bins in front of the toilettes.


Users of the CoWorking space have free access to high-speed wireless network. Ask the communication manager for the password.

Each private room can also use cable Internet access.

Illegal data file download (torrent) is not allowed.

Do your best towards fair Internet usage.


Each member can use the printer (5 pages/day are free of charge) – please bring the documents on a USB key or send them by e-mail:

For document scanning ask the reception staff.


Common area can be reserved for organizing event. During the event, private office member still can access the Chill Out & Gaming Zone for coffee and soft drink.

Each member cannot take any food or property without consent that is owned by the event owner.


ATRIUM does not take responsibility for lost documents, belongings, money, and valuables. Please use the free lockers in the security room!


Smoking is not allowed in the CoWorking space area. There is a designated smoking area in the backyard.


If you are the last person to leave, turn off the lights, air-conditioning and make sure the back door is closed. It will lock automatically.


ATRIUM CoWorking Etiquette

Be friendly

Most important rule is to be kind and show respect to both, members and visitors. The office manager is not your personal secretary. Do not treat him/her as if he/she is.

Be organized

Organize your desk and workspace. If you’re at a shared table, contain your mess. Don’t assume that you can spread your stuff out across the entire table. Don’t take three seats at the shared table when you’ve only rented one.

Respect the privacy of others

If you want to use stuff from other coworkers please ask. Don’t assume that the items that are available for public use are there solely for you. That’s why it’s called a ‘shared’ space.

Respect boundaries

Both on the physical and emotional level, you should be mindful of other people’s space. For example, make sure that you’re allowing enough room for other people in communal spaces, especially when you have a bunch of items with you. If you see someone wearing headphones or immersed in their work, don’t distract them for no reason.

Be empathetic

Before you use the meeting room or the private office, please be sure that it’s available and nobody else will have to use it. In case you need it for later, you can always reserve the room.

Help the staff

If you see that something needs to be fixed or improved let the staff know, sometimes they don’t even notice.

Be green

If you are the last person to leave, turn off the lights and the A/C.

These rules may seem harsh to some people, but it is what makes ATRIUM CoWorking so congenial and amazing!

Let us follow them all!

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