Top trend in office design: a sense of home

A large hall with granite flooring, brown patterned carpet, a large coffee table with flower pots in the center, around it colorful cushions, above - suspended wooden ceiling with beautiful glowing lamps, to the right - a yellow sofa with cushions and a man working on a laptop , a large column, at the bottom of the photo there is another table with a working man on it and behind a glass door - desks with people working at them.

Creating a more attractive work environment is a priority in 2022 and beyond

More welcoming, more sustainable, healthier, with design elements borrowed from the home interior, more attractive for both personal employees and those working remotely – modern offices are developing in this direction.

The last year clearly outlines the preferences for coworking spaces and boutique offices. They allow people in the team to alternate remote work with work in an office environment, because they have open plans, there is a lot of space in them and, respectively, the opportunity to walk freely. Shared offices became popular even before the coronavirus pandemic, but even after its end, it is clear: working from there is more productive because the focus in coworking is on safety and comfort.

A large co-working room with a wooden floor, a coffee table, two comfortable armchairs and two handmade wooden stools, next to the table there is a bright yellow office cubicle and three pots with tall green plants and a wall of indoor work spaces and a cream white cabinet - reception. The ceiling is made of beautiful wooden beams alternating with a suspended metal structure and three types of lighting fixtures.
Photo: Unsplash

Home and office design merge

More and more office managers and designers recognize that there is no place better than home, which is why there is a lot of talk about the fusion between home and office design. Coziness makes employees feel welcome at work and is found in soft carpets and furniture, in round-shaped furniture, in comfortable sofas, warm lighting and artwork displayed in various corners.

Current coworking spaces and new standard offices are designed to support both in-person and remote collaboration – they have different types of spaces, so it’s convenient for employees to go there when they need to meet someone, and the rest of the time to work from home. This type of office inspires creativity and the exchange of ideas, becoming a kind of creative thinking center where cultural relationships are present.

A large study with decorative brick walls painted white, one of which has a large round clock. The ceiling is suspended from metal structures in an industrial style, partially painted in white and on them - three types of lanterns in yellow and orange. There is a colorful carpet on the laminate floor, two comfortable armchairs in a blue and teal pattern, also four light wood work tables surrounded by black chairs. Four glass doors to other rooms can be seen, and there are large windows to the left and right of the frame.
Photo: Unsplash

Emphasis on sustainable materials

Along with current design trends such as aesthetics and functionality, sustainability will also dominate the office space in the future. Because for the active workforce – millennials and representatives of generation Z – how materials affect the environment is of great importance. Responsible companies take their opinion into account and choose environmentally responsible manufacturers of products from sustainable and carbon neutral materials. In addition, various businesses are looking for ways to improve their energy efficiency because in this way they manage to attract new talent.

Spacious workspace with laminate flooring and warm orange walls. To the left of the photo is an alcove painted light blue, with an abstract graphic hanging on it, and two orange armchairs and an orange coffee table decorated with flowers. On the right, on the orange wall, there are two large green panels of material imitating vegetation, in the foreground there are two white work desks of different heights, on one of which a laptop and folders are placed, and there are also two white ergonomic office chairs.
Photo: Unsplash

How important it is to relax

Even during work, especially during work, it is very important that a person has the opportunity to relax. It is no coincidence that pastel tones do not go out of style in office furniture, because the mind rests when looking at gray, beige and other soft and neutral tones. Gentle blue, light brown, khaki and pale green remind of nature, increase mood and productivity. However, if there is a danger that the space will look too monochrome, designers recommend including a “split” color for an accent: orange, purple, yellow, red…

Spaces for “non-work” in coworking? Absolutely, it is even necessary that the office has a gym corner, a meditation room, a game room, a party area. There, people communicate differently than behind a desk because the atmosphere is relaxing and facilitates a “live and work” mentality. When the office is more than a place to work, it attracts more people to join it.

A private terrace, a patio, a roof garden – they are not just nice to have, they are a must, and although they are a luxury for many companies and offices, it is important to think about providing outdoor spaces. The concept known as biophilia (literally love of life) or awareness of the benefits for the the health and welfare from contact with nature is at the center of office design – now and in the future.

A co-working room reminiscent of a winter garden. The walls, painted in grey-blue and partly decorated with mirrors, are fitted with black metal racks and a suspended ceiling from which hang over 20 light green pots of natural plants. On the black and gray tiled floor, arranged in a checkerboard pattern, there are five tall wooden tables with glass tops and to them - round stools reminiscent of bar stools, as well as two low wooden tables with wooden benches above which hang original lampshades.
Photo: Unsplash


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