The Japandi formula in hotels

A large and bright room with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a rocky landscape, inside there is a wooden floor covered with rugs, a spacious sleeping bed, next to which there are stairs built into the rock, behind the bed you can see a ceiling-high glass cube. In front of and next to the bed there are light gray sofas, in the corner of the room next to the windows there is a large graphite-colored fireplace.

The trend of mixing two supposedly completely different interior styles is growing

We have an easy problem to solve: Japan + Scandi =? The right solution is Japandi – the hybrid interior style that everyone falls in love with at first sight. It relies on the harmony and skillful balance between the main ideas of Japanese and Scandinavian styles: functionality, simplicity and refined minimalism. They offer what everyone wants to have in their home: unobtrusive beauty, a cozy and calm atmosphere, a sense of zen.

Design inspiration

Japandi has emerged as a fountain of design inspiration in 2020, provoked by the desire to be in touch with nature and art, but also by periods of lockdown in which people isolate themselves in their homes and work from them. Home may be a fortress, but the modern home is also a realm of comfort, light and relaxing spaces. The aspiration to achieve them is quenched precisely by the combination between two supposedly completely different styles. Which, however, fit together like a puzzle, which is why hotel decorators are guided by this formula.

A room with a dark wood floor, a beige carpet, two yellow coffee tables that go under each other, two beige ottomans, a pot with a plant with green leaves, a gray sofa with yellow pillows, a wall with green leaf wallpaper with a large monitor.
Photo: Unsplash

The elements of hybrid style

The aesthetics of Japan and Scandinavian countries are more similar than you might think because both cultures focus on natural elements and comfort. Here are the 5 pillars on which the concept of merging the best of these two worlds rests:

– Natural sustainable materials – through them you capture the spirit of nature in the home, so focus on pieces of bamboo, wooden elements that look like they are unfinished.

– Natural light – the sun’s rays streaming in through large windows and doors or through the glazed roof provide a feeling of airiness, cleanliness and a connection with nature.

– Muted colors in a gentle and calm palette with subtle bright accents placed meaningfully. Thus, the rooms do not look sterilely clean, but simply fresh.

– Minimalist furniture with simple, clean lines, well-chosen and quality-made. They should not dominate, so as not to obstruct the view and not to introduce a feeling of clutter and disorder – only the most necessary.

– Natural greenery – with it you will bring the feeling of living outdoors. The more live plants, the more freshness!

– Smart details – built-in cabinets, folding screens, boxes, baskets to hide things that obstruct the view, complemented by soft and warm textures of the fabrics in the interior.

A white room with white curtains, a part of a white bed, an elegant light wood chair and desk, a light picture with a thick light frame, a rattan basket under the desk, a wooden stump with a rattan pot with a green plant next to it.
Photo: Unsplash
An oval light beige bathtub on a floor with white pebbles, next to it is a wooden shelf with white towels, behind it a rack with bathroom accessories, a rough gray wall and a potted palm tree, on the right is a niche lined with beige tiles.
Photo: Unsplash

Hygge and wabi-sabi – the harmonious design marriage

Where the Scandinavian concept of comfort hygge meets wabi-sabi – the Japanese understanding that beauty lies in imperfection, the result is a style that is easy to achieve and at the same time refined, spiritual and contributing to making any room look spacious and open, to predispose to calmness.

Although both Japanese and Scandinavian design styles are not new, the combination between them is so successful that it is sure to be a growing design trend in the coming years.

A large room in a minimalist style on the right with a French window and white curtains, in the middle with a large bedroom in gray and light green with decorative pillows in white and gray, next to it are white bedside tables, above the bed - a large abstract graphic under glass in a frame, on the right - a closet with clothes and shoes and a large column.
Photo: Unsplash
A room with a dark gray corner sofa with decorative pillows - two blue, one yellow and one with red and blue patterns, a composition of two white coffee tables of different heights and common wooden legs, on one of which a glass container with a lighted candle is placed. A part of the white wall is lined with a wooden floor, to the left of the sofa there is a flower pot in black macrame and a tall black table lamp, to the right - a large window with a gray curtain, through which a terrace can be seen.
Photo: Unsplash


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