Now and in the future – 5 things from our time that will disappear in the future

Now and in the future - A group of girls and boys, lined up with their backs turned, stand on the shore of the sea with their hands raised and look towards the horizon, where the sea and the sky merge into one endless blue

In the future some privileges will be reachless and our descendants will only dream of them

Are you sad about the past, about your childhood? Just wait until you see the futureIf you think the present is boring and you dream of the amazing inventions of science fiction books and movies, imagine another point of viewthat of our descendants. And of futurologists. According to them, future generations in the next hundred years will only be able to hope to touch and glimpse things that we have at our disposal and consider a completely natural part of life. 

5 girls and boys are sitting on the beach, hugging each other and looking at the horizon
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The rustling of the forest, the songs of the birds, the endless sea beachesthe time is not too far when all of it will be unavailable, so let us enjoy and appreciate them while they are attainable. Here are 5 grim predictions: 

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Far from civilization in the future

Now it is quite realistic to be alone in a country house or in a wild meadow outside big cities, to walk barefoot on clean grass in silence, away from crowds, to enjoy deserted forest paths, to forget about the rush and about time at all, while we stare at the mountain peaks and breathe in the oxygen-rich air by the waterfalls. 

But it is inevitable: some apocalyptic plots from cyberpunk classics like “Blade Runner”, “Judge Dredd” or “Ghost in the shell” will come to life. Due to the increasing rate of urbanization, in hundreds, maybe even tens of years, cities will be crowded with cars and people. And now, just to get out of a metropolis like Istanbul or Mexico City, it takes hours. The sky over Sao Paulo is opaque, the city is covered in grayish-yellow smog and the stars are not visible. 

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A small stone country house in the middle of the meadow, you can see a beautiful sky and sunset
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Most of the territory outside the big cities will be set aside for agricultural and agricultural complexes, which will have to produce food for millions of people. Going outside the megacities will be terribly difficult and dangerous, because of the ghettos in the suburbs, and solitude will be possible only in the small dwellings of the future people. 

Megapolis at night, many skyscrapers and city lights can be seen
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Varied food now, but in the future...

8 billion people inhabit the planet at the moment, and the population growth is at an enormous rate. Meanwhile, arable land is decreasing, and revolutions in agriculture and animal husbandry are not expected for now. How will humanity feed itself? 

Let’s not forget the increasing number of people with allergies, with intolerance to gluten, lactose or something else. Not only the varied and delicious food, but the food products in general will be missing. The characters in the first part of “The Matrix” were eating some kind of tasteless porridge full of nutrients. 

There will be various meal replacements – for example, tablets developed on the basis of algae, which will satiate and increase performance, allow us to be alert even without sleep – who knows? Scientists are skeptical. They predict that even in a hundred years there will be delicious food, but only for a few, and thousands will die of hunger, as it was centuries ago and in some poor countries today. 

white wooden crate full of delicious food, photographed among the greenery of nature - jars of sweets, peaches, apricots, blueberries, strawberries, baked goods
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Where to go on a vacation by the sea

Nowadays, choosing a resort for a summer vacation is not a big deal – as long as we have time and a certain amount of money, we can afford to vacation by the sea , walk on the sand and swim as much as we want. But in a century, the very question “Where to go on a vacation by the sea?” will probably sound ridiculous, for two reasons. 

The pollution of the oceans is growing expeditiously and they are becoming garbage dumps, and because of the short-term use of goods and the increase in the world population, the amount of garbage will only grow. Even if people manage to deal with the poisoning of waters with plastics, it is unlikely that future generations will be able to swim in the sea, due to the development of technologies for the extraction of alternative energy. Wind farms, hydro power plants will be located off the coast and even in the sea to be as efficient as possible and thus it will become unaffordable. 

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Incognito - now and in the future

The ability to keep our identity a secret, to remain unknown or to travel and vacation incognito is still realistic at the beginning of the 21st century, but it is unlikely to be so at its end. Cameras, chipping, registrations and various identification and surveillance technologies will put anonymity in the history. 

a wall with a surveillance camera painted on it and the words "For your safety and our curiosity"
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Live chat in the future

The prophecy of live communication, alas, is sad. People of the future will only try to imagine what it’s like to talk to a stranger in a bar, exchange phones and then meet in the park, go to the movies with friends or sing live karaoke together. 

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The growth of the human population will be welcome for pathogens, and due to the widespread use of antibiotics, the resistance of bacteria and viruses to drugs will increase. New vaccines will be invented, but new diseases will appear, because a vaccine is not a panacea. 

A round ball resembling the Earth, studded with pins. It gives the impression that it is a virus. A syringe is directed at the ball
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People will never stop getting sick, it’s just the way our nature is designed. The virus can adapt to any living conditions by mutating, so there is no universal medicine against diseases. Only our own body can deal with the virus by making antibodies. This will cause many people to stop communicating outside the Internet for fear of getting infected. Alas, our great-grandchildren will spend a lot of time in solitude. But we know that after the darkest night comes the dawn, so we must hope and work for new scientific miracles to happen that will dispel the darkness. 

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