Sociable nature = longevity

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It has been proven that maintaining active social contacts prolongs life

When you go out with company or even when you talk on the phone, you take care of your health because active social contacts increase the chances of longevity by as much as 50%! This is the latest data from a study published in PLOS Medicine, so keep it in mind – not only a healthy lifestyle, but also a sociable nature contribute to a longer life.

The quality and variety of social connections that people maintain correlate in a certain way with their mental well-being, the presence and intensity of chronic diseases and mortality, according to the authors of the study.

To assess the impact of social relationships on life expectancy, researchers conducted a meta-analysis based on data from 148 studies. The goal of this large-scale project was to determine the extent to which social communication affects mortality risk. And the results are irrefutable, also proven by reality.

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The unsociable have the lowest health potential

Lonely and unsociable people have the lowest potential for survival and health. Living in solitude and weak social ties – a particularly acute problem caused by the pandemic – are associated with an increased risk of heart disease – 29%, and of strokes – 32%. Lack of social interaction increases the risk of developing dementia by approximately 50%. Characteristically, social isolation has a worse effect on health and longevity in people over 50.

“Lack of social communication significantly increases the risk of premature death, ranking alongside other significant factors that contribute to it: smoking, obesity and physical inactivity,” experts from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention commented.

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