Married men with children earn more

A happy young father with dark hair, a beard and prescription glasses is smiling, holding a baby boy with one arm and carrying a baby with bare feet and a hat on his shoulders.

Economists have established a link between income and fatherhood

Being a parent – this changes everything! Looking for a link between income, marriage and fatherhood, a new study reports an interesting fact: married men with children have higher incomes than those who are single and the childless. Economists analyzed data on wages, hours worked, marital status and children of the stronger sex over three years.

A man in a yellow t-shirt back turned is holding two children in both of his arms in a poppy field.
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Family and career

The men in the study were aged between 25 and 35, and it found that those with children worked 6 per cent longer per week and earned 24-29 per cent more than bachelors. However, the increase in income is not explained by getting married (since many couples live together without being married) nor by the number of hours worked.

Men have taken measures to increase their income, motivated by the fact that their family will increase, so the main driver for the improvement of their financial situation is the appearance of children. Most of the participants in the study stated that for them family is more important than career.

A baby sits on the lap of a young bearded man and they both look at a picture book.
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