Cheers with the first eco beer!

Sweaty glass full of beer close-up

There are no harmful emissions during its production

After 10 years of development, the first environmentally friendly beer is a fact. It was invented not in any ordinary place, but in the kingdom of the sparkling drink – Austria. The innovation belongs to specialists in the largest brewery in the country, which is part of the Heineken company, in the town of Leoben.

Beer cranes in a row
Photo; Unsplash

There, brewing has been a tradition and livelihood for centuries. Leoben is proud of its contribution to the world of beer – the famous Goesser brand, now a new, eco-beer is added to the assortment. No harmful emissions are used for it, only green energy, the manufacturers assure. Only side raw materials from the brewing process are used, and the brewery is supplied with half of them from a nearby sawmill – hot water obtained during the production of wood.

A glass of beer on a wooden surface
Photo: Unsplash


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