4 valuable business skills we owe to student life

A girl in an academic graduation cap has half her face covered with a large open book, she is in a library - an illustration of knowledge gained in student years.

The university nurtures professionalism, but also entrepreneurship

The team spirit, the search for unique ideas, the formation of a different lifestyle are already learned at school, but at the university the flame of the entrepreneurial spirit is ignited. Student life is a great experience because of the acquisition of a wealth of professional knowledge and valuable friendships, but also because it nurtures important business skills.

1. Ability to work

Work ethic is not innate, it is acquired, and it is important for everyone because it makes us overcome something in ourselves, for example, to work when we don’t feel like working, which is too often. In higher educational institutions, this is absorbed quite well, because it is not always easy to endure an hour and a half boring lecture, and sometimes these lectures are several one after the other. Learning a huge amount of theory in two nights is a superpower that appears just before the exam. This skill is welcome in the workplace, not to meet your commitments at the last minute, but to be productive even under the tightest schedule.

Workability and systematization: a notebook with formulas written on it is spread out on a wooden table and a laptop behind it. On the notebook there are glasses, next to the notebook - a smartphone.
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2. Sifting the necessary from the unnecessary

This ability is called “profitability”, and the best teacher for it is student life, as a rule, full of deprivation. The period in question is golden, but not because these are years of abundance – the student is always penniless. It’s golden because during that period we learn a lot of things that will be useful in adult life, such as the skill of balancing the things we need and the things we want. A young person always wants a lot or everything, but they must learn the skill of making reasonable expenses, spending appropriately and saving regularly. These things are key to an entrepreneur’s success and involve suppressing some desires, but pay off with a strong professional career in the future.

A young man with a beard and glasses looks at a lighted shop window and his face is reflected in it, and in his glasses is reflected part of a glowing sign on the shop window - "you need".
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3. Skillful budgeting

While the second point is related to being economical, through which difficulties can be overcome, this one is related to the availability of money – a crucial factor for the success of any business. A company’s budget is easier to manage than a personal budget, and how to properly allocate our personal finances so that we have enough is learned most quickly in the student years.

Euro and dollar bills split in two side by side placed upright and reflected in a mirror surface - an illustration of clever budgeting.
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4. Communication skills

In business, everything, literally everything, depends on creating strong partnerships, finding customers and managing people. It is precisely these three things that can be learned through communication at university, where a word spoken in a different way can change the attitude towards someone for life. Students learn good communication, diplomatic relations and creating valuable social connections which make it possible for them to solve problems of any nature.

A man with a plaid shirt in his back speaks into a microphone in front of people sitting around two large rectangular tables on which there are cups and notebooks - communication and social connections.
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