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5 examples that the non-standard reasoning of the kids is wise for the adults as well

Some people are called “weirdos” and they are often misunderstood. They do not fit into any framework, they see things in a different light, they think “outside the box” and that is what is valuable. In their behavior, they resemble a 5-year-old child who constantly asks “Why?” In order to understand the world around them. In this way, however, they managey to get to the heart of the matter. They can provide an unexpected solution to both complex and trivial problems. 

Here are some “illustrations” of this special view of the world, that non-standard, “childish” way of thinking, from which even mature people can benefit a lot: 

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Anything is possible

“If your dreams don’t scare you, then they’re not big enough.” Mike Horn, a traveler who traveled the Earth through both poles. 

Kids don’t think about how something can’t happen, they don’t see the world as an endless series of obstacles. Prejudices and limitations come later, but when they are 5-6 years old, they imagine that anything is possible and their dreams have no limits. 

With age, we become insecure and distrustful because we go through disappointments. We call this “realism”, we say with reason and without reason: “This is not realistic to achieve.” But that’s how we put the brakes on ourselves, we don’t even try to embark on something challenging. While the belief that everything is feasible, even if it is unfounded, can bring success. 

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Games for adults

“Life is not long enough to afford to be bored.” The little ones do not know that Agatha Christie came to this conclusion at an old age. Kids just never get bored and playing is the most natural state. Through it they interact with the world and find friends, for them everything is entertainment. How can adults benefit from this way of thinking? 

Many do, for example, companies that have realized the importance of the game for productive relationships, they organize sports competitions among their teams. Playing is healthy in every field: from political negotiations and trade deals to art improvisations and sex. 

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Ingenuity and imagination

“This world is nothing but the canvas of our imagination.” Henry David Thoreau 

Children’s imagination is an infinite magnitude – it can invent new functions of familiar objects, invent different things, adapt any space. Some believe that we lose this skill over the years, but scientists have proven that the process is not irreversible. 

In an experiment by American researchers from North Dakota, two groups of students have to answer a simple question: What to do over the weekend? However, one group had to try to respond as a 7-year-old would respond. These students were the ones who gave the most creative ideas for free time. 

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This world is nothing but the canvas of our imagination.

Henry David Thoreau

Wave at the problems

“Life is too serious to be taken seriously.” Ray Bradbury 

Thinking like a child is a way to deal with stress, and if we can take life less seriously, we will save ourselves a lot of worrying moments. Whatever happens, the kids don’t worry much, they don’t take responsibility, they are devoted to carelessness because their parents worry instead. 

If you communicate more with them, you will realize how wise it is to actually relax and enjoy the experience, instead of thinking schematically and acting as it’s expected. Don’t try to do only useful things, sometimes you just have to wave and see the adventure ahead of you.  

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Life is too serious to be taken seriously.

Ray Bradbury

I do not care

Why am I walking backwards? – exclaimed Pippi. – Don’t we live in a free country? Can’t a man live the way he wants to? Astrid Lindgren 

When they are young, children do not worry about what impression they will make. They sing, dance, enjoy everything and don’t care what others think about it. They don’t think about whether they are smart enough, good or expressive, they are what they are. 

If we worry less about other people’s opinions, it will be far easier to follow our own interests. 

Don’t act like a small child? Don’t listen to this advice! As the wise writer Tuve Janson says, “Our childhood is our morning.” 

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Why am I walking backwards? – еxclaimed Pippi. – Don’t we live in a free country? Can’t a man live the way he wants to?

Astrid Lindgren


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