Wearing a mask at the gym?

A young girl in a gym wearing a black sports bustier, black leggings and a black protective face mask, with tattoos on her hands and wearing a black watch is sitting on a weight lifting machine and looking up.

Scientists: It can stop the spread of Covid indoors

Yes, wearing a mask may be uncomfortable while exercising and it may disrupt breathing, but it won’t hurt, on the contrary – it’s safe for healthy people even during intense training. What’s more: wearing a mask can stop the spread of Covid in closed spaces. That’s the finding of a new study published in Sports Health.

Participants had to walk and run at a moderate intensity for one hour at 32-33 degrees Celsius. Researchers from the University of Connecticut analyzed the impact of different types of face masks on sportsmen: simple textile, surgical, filtering (so-called respirator) and sports, protector type. They put humidity and temperature sensors in each of them, and it turns out that none of the masks raised body temperature or heart rate.

A woman wearing a mask and doing exercises with dumbbells in the gym while looking at herself in the mirror.

Respiratory discomfort?

“Prior to this study, no one knew whether wearing a mask would cause additional stress to people doing physical activity. It is now clear that they may experience respiratory discomfort, but there are no severe effects,” the scientists say, but they still add that masks should be worn at low to moderate intensity while being careful with overexertion. “If the exercisers feel dizzy or short of breath, they should stop the exercise immediately and go somewhere away from the others in the gym to remove the mask.”

The experts give another tip: the mask is truly protective when it is dry. Always carry a few spare masks with you so you can change them after sweating or when they get wet.

A woman wearing a mask and doing exercises with dumbbells in the gym.
Photo: Unsplash


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