The philosophy of digital nomads

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Living on the move and working remotely - not everyone can get used to it, but some are addicted

Working remotely allows us to draw projects without getting out of bed, but also to do what we are paid for from anywhere in the world. Some fall in love with this way so much that they move to different countries several times a year. Digital nomad culture has become a worldwide movement.

Where do they come from?

From San Francisco at the end of the last century. When the IT industry booms, employees in this field earn a lot, during the winter months they begin to move closer to the coast to warmer countries, from where they continue to work. After they start to do it more and more often, this rhythm becomes a trend, to which the development of technology has a huge contribution.

Digital nomads are appearing in various fields: design, consulting, personnel management… All you need is a laptop, smartphone, stable internet and a comfortable work space and accommodation with free access. And they are available almost everywhere, even in remote corners of the world.

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Some prefer it slow

Slow travel – which implies moving not every week, but once every few months, is preferable. Digital nomads, unlike other subcultures, have serious education, experience, a desire to visit little-known and unpopular places, and a good income to fulfill this desire. The idea is to immerse themselves in the rhythm and traditions of the country they have chosen for a longer period to blend in with the local people.

For the same reason, they mostly choose coworking offices where anyone can rent a workspace at a reasonable price.

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Some do it out of love

The change of geographical location for some is for love – when they follow their partner to a foreign country, or marry a foreigner who travels a lot – if their profession allows them to follow them, they easily become attached to the nomadic life. It gives them a sense of independence and different opportunities, for example to learn a foreign language, to meet interesting people…

“With my husband, who is Italian, we change directions at least 4 times a year. Sometimes he chooses the locations, sometimes I do. Last year in the winter we were in the Swiss Alps, in the spring – in Bulgaria, in the summer I worked in the south of France, and in the fall – in Vienna,” says a Bulgarian woman who lives in Italy, but likes to change the landscape.

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“When you have a vaccine, a certificate for it, when you take all the precautions against the disease, you have a good work plan and you handle airplane flights skillfully, it is not particularly difficult to become a modern nomad,” adds the blogger. “The change of habitat makes the job more interesting and the pandemic less scary.”

This is her personal opinion, but during the covid crisis, not everyone is coping easily with the adventure of digital nomadism. The announcement of different countries’ lockdowns at different times in 2020 and 2021 and the uncertainty and obscurity that go hand in hand with the pandemic were real obstacles to this type of remote work.

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The cons of this type of work

There are some cons, and we’re listing a few not to scare novice nomads, but because it’s good for them to be known. For example:

– Difficulties with self-discipline – a person is not always in condition and in the mood after a long flight to get organized for work and get stuck in front of the computer or on the phone. Which creates difficulties with the balance between work and personal life.

– Difficulties with the Internet – quality Internet is not everywhere, and digital nomads are completely dependent on it. If for some reason they cannot connect to the office, they may miss an important video conference, which is not good for business. It should always be clear where free Wi-Fi is available in cities.

– Difficulty with the work schedule – you often have to change it, sacrifice your days off, neglect weekends and work late to catch up on commitments.

– Communication difficulties – the lack of live communication with colleagues from the company you work for sometimes creates problems, especially if you want to climb the career ladder. If you are an employer yourself, the difficulties increase because running a company from a distance often leads to wrong moves.

– Accommodation difficulties – it is important to use accommodation services anywhere in the world, otherwise nomadism can be frustrating.

If you are prepared in advance and know how to overcome these difficulties, and once you have financial security and independence, and your only dream is to work hard and enjoy yourself while traveling the world, then this lifestyle is like a dream come true.

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