Social Wednesday – IRAN night at ATRIUM

A Persian rug on which there is a bowl full of small purple roses

Tales from 1001 Nights, told by the team at KAP International

At the end of November, our Social Wednesday party was anything but ordinary – it had a Persian theme! We called it “Iran Night under the ATRIUM Dome” – a truly extraordinary and unforgettable journey into the heart of Persian traditions and culture, reminiscent of the enchanting “Tales from 1001 Nights.”

KAP International Team - Mr. Abbas Rahmani, Mr. Behnam Setayesh, Mrs. Sheri, Mr. Babak Naghdi,

Let's meet in the year 1402!

Said and done! To make the journey into the time and culture of the Persians even more authentic, we asked our ATRIUM friends to mark the year 1402 on their calendars! Why, you may ask? Well, nothing is accidental in our world!

If you didn’t know that it’s currently the year 1402, then you don’t know much about Iran! We corrected this during our party. In Iran, three calendars are used simultaneously: Iranian, Islamic, and Gregorian. The Iranian calendar, also known as the Solar Hijri, is among the oldest and most accurate calendars in the world. According to it, the current year is 1402; according to the Islamic calendar, we are in the year 1445, and the Gregorian calendar is the one used in Europe.

Different types of Iranian sweets - with coconut, saffron, almonds and walnuts
Photo: Atrium

Organizers - KAP International

Special thanks to the entire team of KAP International – Mr. Hani Tanhaie (manager), Mr. Babak Naghdi, Mr. Behnam Setayesh, Mr. Abbas Rahmani for the unforgettable evening. KAP International is a business consulting services company that has been operating in Iran, Oman, Turkey, and Canada for 20 years, in Bulgaria for 5 years, and in ATRIUM for 4 months.

Ancient Iranian samovar with coal, on the right - sugar sticks, on the left - a bowl of purple roses
Photo: Atrium

To make all the guests feel like they’re in “Tales from 1001 Nights,” we had our own Scheherazade! In our case, this role was beautifully played by Mrs. Sheri, thanks to whom we experienced:

  • Traditional Persian specialties
  • Iranian sweets with coconut, almonds, saffron, and cinnamon
  • Special Iranian charcoal-brewed tea decorated with real roses
  • Persian nuts
Two women and a man between them - pose for a photo next to a table piled high with Iranian sweets
Photo: Atrium

The party continued with hookah, the sounds of the magical “kamancheh” (a traditional Iranian string instrument for over 2000 years), and dances from Iran! The evening was filled with laughter, joy, and was a true celebration of the rich Persian heritage.

A young Iranian plays the "kamancheh" (a traditional Iranian string instrument for over 2000 years)
Photo: Atrium

Heartfelt thanks to the entire KAP International team for organizing this unforgettable evening, and congratulations on their 20th anniversary!

More photos from our evening at ATRIUM Balcony Lounge – in the gallery!


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