Smart mask with biosensor detects Covid-19 particles

Woman with blue eyes and protective medical mask on face close-up.

A Romanian designer came up with the high-tech prototype and won an award

Protective face mask to inform if there is a danger of infection nearby – this is a very real possibility in the near future, after the 27-year-old Romanian designer and engineer Burzo Ciprian invented a smart face mask with a biosensor, reports the online publication “Calvert Journal”.

A person with a yellow hoodie holding a face mask in their hand.

It can track the number of pathogens in the surrounding air, collect data, calculate the risk of Covid-19 infection and map the app’s users in the area.

Ciprian’s invention “Social Mask” won the prize in an MIT Media Lab competition. for a high-tech prototype last fall and is still under development. However, the creative invention is sure to rethink the role of personal protective equipment for the face.

A red teddy bear wearing a mask on its face.
Photo: Unsplash


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