SECRET cocktail at ATRIUM – an urban oasis that cannot remain a secret

A blond woman in a red dress holds a book in her hands

Anastasia Shakhmatova revealed her BIG secret - A WOMAN'S LIFE DIARY

Live music performed by the violinist Maria Moskova, golden champagne combined with strawberries and chocolate and many more fascinating surprises! Nearly 50 ladies accepted the invitation for a SECRET cocktail at ATRIUM – a place that is no longer a secret for connoisseurs of artistic urban spaces.

A group of women dressed in white and red formal clothes attend a cocktail party. At the bottom of the frame you can see the inscription Atrium

The main culprit behind all the mystery is Anastasia Shakhmatova, the creator of WomanLifeBook.

“Trust me! Come and see. If you can’t come to ATRIUM – then follow us live on social networks” – thus, playfully, Anastasia invited her guests to the event, which she has been working on for almost a month, even though she’s had it in her head for over two years.

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And indeed, nearly 50 ladies from the business world in Bulgaria approached the whole mystery with confidence – bankers and doctors, nutritionists and entrepreneurs, women in the artistic sphere. Among the guests were the influencers Alexandra Gardeva and Maria Luiza, the president of the Association of Medical Cosmetologists Tyana Presolska, the model Magdalena Valchanova.

A brunette in a white dress speaks into the microphone, smiles, and her arms are raised slightly to the side

Dress code – white, red and gold!

All the ladies showed respect for etiquette and complied with the dress code. White and red, because these are the colors of the month of March. Golden, because every woman is a gem in her own way!

Three women pose for a photo - from left to right - the first and third are wearing white dresses and the middle one is in a red dress

With golden champagne, the guests raised a toast to the success of Woman’s Life Diary, the courage to change your life for the better and the fulfillment of dreams.

A man in a black tuxedo, red bow tie and white gloves pours champagne

They all left a golden mark on the Tree of Dreams – a symbol of the belief that a woman can do anything if she really wants it.

A blonde woman in a red dress puts a gold print on a canvas

What is A WOMAN'S LIFE DIARY by Anastasia Shakhmatova?

A small but valuable book that offers practical advice on how we can improve our lives in just 30 days. “Don’t you believe it? Well, try it!” – Anastasia advises.

The diary was created for women who want to combine both material and spiritual values in their lives. It promises to help any woman who strives to have a balanced and eventful life.

The diary is based on the “Wheel of Balance” and includes 8 important areas that are part of a harmonious life. In this way, the woman using the diary achieves: diversity in life, development in her career and combination of career with family, increase in income, learns to take care of her health and beauty.

Having balance in her life, a woman is filled with a sense of completeness, satisfaction, energy and love for herself and others. The diary can be used both independently and in group classes at Woman LifeClub.

A book is placed on a clothes hanger

What is Woman LifeClub?

WomanLifeBook is a company with many years of experience in women’s training. Anastasia Shakhmatova and her team have been successfully bringing together some of the best Russian, Bulgarian and English experts in the field of psychology and personal development for years.

They understand the client’s needs very well and build their trainings with maximum effectiveness for women on their development path. More about WomanLifeBook and the specific trainings and courses it offers – here!


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