Proven: Chia flour slows aging

A bowl of chia with yogurt and fruit

A new method for extracting anti-aging ingredients

The existence of chia has been accompanied by praise, controversy and ridicule (“How did your grandmother live without chia?”), but they have proven its undeniable effect in the fight against aging. The seeds of the plant from the mint family, native to Mexico, provide endless possibilities for creating anti-aging products. 

This happens thanks to an improved method of extracting mucilage from the seeds, from which a flour rich in proteins and with improved biological activity is prepared. The technology was developed and patented by a team of scientists from Purdue University in Indiana, USA. 

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The miniature seeds, also used for decoration, contain many useful substances: Omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber. They do not contain gluten and are a strong antioxidant, they are valued in weight loss diets, as they burn calories successfully and have high nutritional and energy values. 

The researchers have tested the method in various ways, for example for the processing of chia peptides into films – a basis for making medicinal capsules, nutritional supplements and anti-aging products. “Peptides extracted from chia seeds inhibit enzymes that play a role in skin aging,” the authors of the technology believe. 

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