Office yoga – 5 easiest ways to do it

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Apps that turn the idea of relaxation on its head in the workplace

Yoga is becoming common in hundreds of thousands of offices around the world, and for good reason – it brings a zen-like atmosphere to the workplace, which is hugely important to the fitness and productivity of the people who work in it. Maybe your company has also embraced the idea of hiring yoga instructors a few times a month to bring you “enjoyment of the ultimate wonder – life itself,” which is the main yoga principle. To help you see the beauty in everyday life, improve your posture, body flexibility, circulation, concentration, mental health…

If not, there are other options to calm and energize your mind and body during work hours by practicing yoga on the go – here are 5 of the most popular apps that will take care of that well.

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1. Daily Yoga

No matter what type of yoga you practice, you will find something suitable in this app because the variety of lessons is great. You can customize the duration of the sessions – from 5 to 70 minutes, according to the different levels of occupation, as well as the difficulty, the style, the goal you are pursuing. The creators of this innovation feel personally committed to making everyone feel the joy of yoga. They achieve it through over 70 programs, 500+ asanas, the largest library of yoga poses and exercises demonstrated by more than 20 masters.

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2. Alo Moves

Yoga lessons in it are sorted by time, style and skill level, and there is also an option for personal lessons.

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3. Gaia

This app is gaining fans with alternative healing content: yoga for every day, meditation, personal transformation, Ayurveda… There are about 9000 original videos in different categories.

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4. Glo

Pilates, yoga, different meditative techniques and principles… For 6 years now, this incomparable app provides over 4000 lessons to everyone who wants to practice them and you can always download your favorite course to use whenever you need it.

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5. UnderBelly

It’s a relatively new app created by internationally acclaimed yoga teacher Jasmine Stanley, known on Instagram as a body positivity advocate. Through UnderBelly, Stanley’s idea is to cultivate self-awareness in everyday life for as many people as possible.


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