NAOS experience and great innovation in skincare revealed at ATRIUM

During skin care event at ATRIUM five women in the back sitting in colorful armchairs look at a standing young woman with long dark hair and light yellow jacket and trousers, who has her hand raised to the sign NAOS Experience. The sign is on a wall screen with decorative bricks and natural green moss

Eco-biology is an emphasis in the new developments of the cosmetic company NAOS and its three brands – BIODERMA, ESTHEDERM and ETAT PUR

Eco-biology and the protection of marine and freshwater ecosystems are at the center of the new developments of the cosmetic company NAOS and its three brands BIODERMA, ESTHEDERM and ETAT PUR. This is evident from the presentation of their innovations in sunscreen and skincare products at ATRIUM Hall.

In the event space of the urban oasis, the company revealed its unique eco-biological approach, the focus of which is not only the health of the skin, but also of people and the planet. This approach has been refined on the basis of serious and in-depth experience, the company comments and gives a number of good examples:

The new Ocean Care product reduces the negative impact of sunscreen products on water bodies thanks to a strict selection of its ingredients and the exclusion of water-soluble sunscreen filters, the NAOS team explained.

The “Pure Sunscreen” line, presented for the first time in Bulgaria by the youngest brand in the company’s family – ETAT PUR, has mineral fluids SPF 30 and SPF 50+ with 100% mineral, waterproof, high and broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays.

BIODERMA launches a completely renewed sun protection portfolio in the Photoderm series with the new patented SUN ACTIVE DEFENSE complex.

Skincare is no less important than body and mind care, NAOS emphasizes and, along with the presentation of innovative cosmetic formulas, emphasizes a healthy lifestyle. An indisputable part of it is running, which is why the company emphasizes the importance of the only all-female running competition BIODERMA Women’s Run and its upcoming fourth edition.

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