M3 Power Talks: “You have two options – to be great or to do everything”

Group of people in a row posing from ATRIUM balcony with greenery in front of them during M3 power talks

Find out more smart quotes and cool photos from M3 Communications Group business empowering meeting at ATRIUM

The great team of M3 Communications Group empowered by their head and well-known PR expert Maxim Behar gathered at ATRIUM Hall for their first business meeting in 2023. #M3PowerTalks bring to our urban oasis young and inspired people ready to kick off the new year with creative and powerful ideas.

People seating on colorful chairs and listening the lecturer in front of monitor and brick wall with green moss
Photo: M3 Communications Group

What we learned about M3 Communication Group from #M3PowerTalks:

“That day in M3, in which both the customer is satisfied and you survived, is strong.”

“What do you do when you’re the best? In M3, we just keep going.”

People with hands up in front of ATRIUM cactus painting on the yellow wall
Photo: M3 Communications Group

“When each vision evokes at least 35 points of view, you know you are working on a top project in M3 where the client has no idea what he wants.”

“You know you are part of the great M3 team when you don’t feel like home office.”

People looking up surrounded by trees and greenery in ATRIUM

“Catch me if you can when I’m working on a project in M3.”

“You are part of M3 when you find great opportunities where others give up.”

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.”

– Daniel J. Boorstin


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