Interpartners Communications conquered “the summit” beneath the ATRIUM dome

A group of people, men and women, have lined up for a group photo by the railing of a balcony covered in greenery

Amidst the artistic ambiance of ATRIUM, the creative minds and spirits of Interpartners Communications embarked on the Summit challenge

If it’s going to be a challenge, let it be real. If it’s going to be team-building, let it be memorable! With this idea in mind, the Interpartners Communications team embarked on an exciting adventure called the Summit challenge, with the support and of the ATRIUM team.

For some in the company’s team, climbing Everest is simply a beautiful dream. Others look at Everest, but in a metaphorical sense. Ultimately, it didn’t matter who had what idea about reaching the summit; what mattered was that everyone journeyed TOGETHER. And as they ascended the steep slopes, they even managed to learn a lot about themselves and their colleagues. For example, they discovered that there were colleagues in their team who had once been models or even art restorers!

A woman in a white t-shirt and patterned skirt speaks into a microphone, facing the audience
Photo: Interpartners Communications

Alongside intriguing facts about the mountain, the Interpartners Communications team learned how to pitch and dismantle tents, tie mountaineering knots, and most importantly – they became even more tightly-knit as a team! And yes, they all reached the summit, because they are a team! They demonstrated how crucial team spirit is and that together they can tackle any challenge!

A group of men and women pose for a photo, lined up in two rows. A TV monitor can be seen in the background, a squatting woman with outstretched arms in the foreground
Photo: Interpartners Communications

They are grateful to Atrium Sofia for the cozy atmosphere and to Catalyst Bulgaria for helping them fulfill one of their dreams!

Photo: Interpartners Communications

The art of happiness lies in the ability to find happiness in the simple things.

– Henry Ward Beecher


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