I’m reading your mind!

Two smiling women photographed from above in close-up - lying on grass side by side but facing each other and each shielding the other's eyes with their hands. Around their heads are white and yellow flowers.

Women possess this ability to a stronger degree, and this also determines the way of life

The term “mind reading” in psychology means understanding another person to a strong degree. This includes the ability to pick up on non-verbal cues of behavior, nuances in mood that help determine their state, whether they are telling the truth…

The level of such intuitive abilities is different for everyone, according to British psychologists from the universities of London, Cardiff and Bath. Some are better at predicting thoughts and behaviors, which is especially difficult for people with autism. According to the data from the study of specialists, published in the journal Psychological Assessment:

Women are more likely to predict the thoughts of their interlocutor than men.

Two women photographed side by side in close-up so that only one eye of each is visible. They both have brown eyes and look alike.
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British scientists have created a test that determines the ability to “read minds” and applied it to more than 4,000 people – some of them suffering from autism, others – mentally healthy. What the doctors wanted to find out is the difference between empathy and getting into the thoughts of another, because, as many previous studies have shown, empathy occurs much more often in the weaker sex.

Now they conclusively prove that the ability to guess the thoughts of the interlocutor is more inherent in women.

This ability affects relationships with people, reactions and, in general, the way of life.

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