Ignoring – mastery in business communication

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3 risky situations and why it is wisest to ignore them

Can I ignore my boss when he scolds me? Shouldn’t I pay attention to the speeches of my colleagues? How could I ignore the statements of customers – doesn’t the turnover of the company depend on them?! Communication at work can bring us satisfaction, but also disappointments, turn us into toxic individuals.

In some situations, business communication is reminiscent of walking on thin ice – it is slippery, you can fall and break through its fragile crust at any moment, and you are constantly under pressure. Stepping on solid ground and stability depend on something simple, but with which one must be very careful, used sparingly, only sometimes and at the right moment: ignoring.

It can be dangerous – it makes us feel guilty

When we treat someone with disdain, we feel bad for having treated them badly. But when that someone disturbs our inner balance with words or behavior, ignoring acts as a protective membrane, so protect yourself. Here are the cases where this is necessary:

- Someone is manipulating you

Avoid those who try to blame you, put responsibility on you for something you didn’t do, or convince you that you did it wrong, to establish control over you. When you avoid these colleagues, even if they are the top managers of the company, you get rid of their negative impact on you and your work.

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- Someone criticizes you harshly

Criticism is something constructive when it helps us to develop better, but it can be harmful when it makes you feel humiliated and disbelieved – it has a destructive effect. Ignore those who dare to judge you, especially when they have not put themselves in your shoes, when they do not know you and your abilities.

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- Someone is insulting you

If you answer them in the same way, then they have damaged your mental stability and achieved their goal – they made you suffer. Know that you can only offend someone if they allow you to. When you ignore them, it’s like you’re erasing their negative attitude – you’re not just defending yourself, but you’re showing that you’re a stronger nature than they are, and their abusive behavior can’t affect you.

You accept what happened without giving out evaluations and epithets, draw your conclusions and move on – this is how your shield, which will protect you from complications and troubles in a work environment, looks like. Ignoring is an art – an mastery in communication that helps with self-preservation.

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