For Halloween, ATRIUM SOCIAL WEDNESDAY started on Monday with a HIDE & SEEK game

Time to ride the brooms!

Bats and spiders, ghouls and witches, pumpkin lanterns, fairy costumes and lots of candy! A wonderful experience for those who wanted to indulge in it.

For October 31, ATRIUM turned into a fantasy world. We left the boredom of everyday life and boldly entered the world of entertainment.

If you’re wondering, were witches frolicking under the glass dome for the Celtic and Irish festival? Oh yeah! You bet!

Happy Halloween lettering, pumpkins and spider web

Let the spooky festivities commence!

Actually, in the month of October, our traditional SOCIAL WEDNESDAY started on Monday with the game HIDE & SEEK: on the ground floor in ATRIUM, a Halloween pumpkin and two scary spiders were hidden. And the great search began immediately! Our friends from TechResearchStudies were the fastest and most dedicated. Two of them, Martin Georgiev and Ralitsa Ferdinandova, discovered the hidden objects and were of course rewarded for their detective skills by the ATRIUM management team. And Desi Doncheva from APS  Partners forgot the accounting records for a while to join the game.

Otherwise, the menu was also in tune with the holiday: Bloody juice, Spider candies, Scary pumpkins and Creepy sticks were just some of the culinary delights for Halloween SOCIAL WEDNESDAY in ATRIUM.

Halloween pumpkin, skull cups, straws as ghosts and witches, some white ghosts are visible in the background

Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn, and cauldron bubble

– Shakespeare, Macbeth


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