Eisenberg Paris beauty training at ATRIUM Hall

Several Eisenberg cosmetic products in silver bottles arranged on a glass table

Presenting: Precious ULTRALIFT masks with gold for HER and silver for HIM - facial skin care is priceless

ATRIUM Hall opened its doors to Cosmetic Plus Bulgaria on the occasion of the launch of two new EISENBERG Paris products. Kamelia Shishkova, brand manager of the cosmetics company, presented the two new magical ULTRALIFT masks – with gold for HER and with silver for HIM – to 41 cosmetic consultants. During the specialized training, the consultants had the opportunity to learn how to apply the masks to the clients, various techniques and skills were demonstrated.

A woman dressed in black is standing in front of a monitor presenting cosmetics to the audiance

Discover the power of gold!

They call the new, luxurious @eisenbergparis GOLD ULTRALIFT MASK “precious” not only because it contains gold and silver particles, but also because it has unique regenerating properties. The gel mask has an anti-aging effect, it was specially created by the brand’s experts to provide intense hydration and freshness in the delicate eye area.

Silver cosmetic bottle with inscription EISENBERG

Its innovative formula combines gold with ultra-lifting collagen-stimulating peptides that work in synergy. For exceptional results from the first application. Fine lines are smoothed and deep wrinkles are reduced. The eye contour is visibly smoother, the skin is radiant – a refined care that complements the rituals of every woman for perfect skin and youthful radiance.

Various cosmetic bottles, a mirror and a black and white vase with a white flower are placed on a glass table

About the brand - from José Eisenberg to Eisenberg Paris

José Eisenberg’s first exposure to beauty was through art. He discovered sculpture, fine art and music at a very young age, in the most artistic city in Europe, Florence. In 2000, after 15 years of research and development, he created the unique and worldwide patented formula Trio-Molecular™, thus starting his own beauty brand – Eisenberg Paris. A brand that includes high-tech skin care products, “smart” make-up products and captivating perfumes, which reflects his passion for technology, perfection and timeless luxury.

Three women looking at cosmetics. On the left - an advertising banner, in the background - a TV monitor

The Trio-Molecular™ formula, which is present in all these products, combines the action and anti-aging effect of three molecules that work in synergy to regenerate, energize and saturate the cells with oxygen, reactivating the functions of young skin.

Today, following in his father’s footsteps, Edmond Eisenberg leads the brand’s international development strategy, his visual identity and values continue to develop the brand’s identity and innovative spirit.

Multiple women in back sitting on chairs in hall listening to presentation

Beauty is a matter of love and… progress!

– Jose Eisenberg


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