Christmas MAGNIFICENCE Diamonds & Champagne

A group of women dressed in glamorous and sparkly dresses looking up into the camera for Christmas photo.

GLITTER dress-code and a noble cause brought together the ladies of The Magnificent Woman under the glass dome of the ATRIUM

Just a few days before Christmas, the GLITTER dress code gathered the ladies of The Magnificent Woman under the glass dome of the ATRIUM Sofia. Music and magic, champagne and diamonds, joy and kindness spread over our urban oasis.

Four women dressed in glittery dresses, with champagne glasses in their hands posing in front of a backdrop with golden balloons.
Photo: Magnificent Woman

Diamonds & Champagne: because they match the glamorous Christmas holidays!

A toast with Österreich Gold champagne with 23 carat gold particles lifted the ladies so that 2023 will be a healthy and happy year, with prosperity in homes, smiles on faces and hope in hearts.

Four bottles of golden champagne in a bowl filled with ice.
Photo: Magnificent Woman

Pop singers Yoana Dragneva and Tsveti Radoycheva kicked off the magical event, adding their pinch of stardust to the party, and happiness in the form of a real diamond hidden in a glass of champagne smiled at one of the ladies.

Two singers - one of them is singing with a microphone, the other is taking a selfie of themselves.
Photo: Magnificent Woman

The cause: because Christmas is time for miracles!

Over 10 000 BGN were collected during the charity campaign accompanying the event. The ladies of THE MAGNIFICENT WOMAN opened their hearts to support Veselka Krachunova (lawyer and fashion designer) to continue her treatment in Turkey and return to her 6-year-old son Denis.

If you also want to help, you could do it via bank account:

IBAN: BG95CECB979040G2750000

Tsetsa Petkova Minkova

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– Yordana Dimitrova, 

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