ATRIUM Pairs Party with love quiz and table football tournament

Two red glowing bottles of wine as a symbol of ATRIUM Pairs Party at ATRIUM Garden

We didn't argue about what to celebrate - Valentine's Day or Trifon Zarezan! We had them both!

Because we are aware that “The world is for two”, only a few hours before the double holiday “Valentine’s Day – Trifon Zarezan”, at ATRIUM Pairs Party we raised a toast to this timeless “couple” and celebrated the day of Wine and Love at the same time.

Open space with lots of greenery, in the background people attending a cocktail party

“Party for couples” was offered by the creative team of ATRIUM to coworkers, hotel guests and friends from the offices of Tech Research Studies, Finance Incorporated Limited and Flax & Teal.

The only condition was that everyone brought their significant other – whether it was a faithful partner, a best friend, an irreplaceable mother, a favorite neighbor or a cool colleague. Just a mate to enjoy wine, music and games with.

A hand holds a glass of wine, behind it foliage and numerous small lights

The name of the game – table football!

In the ATRIUM Relax Zone, the couples competed in a fierce table football tournament, with Slavcho and Tsanislav from Finance Incorporated Limited winning, although the two ladies – Geri and Svetlina – were no less skilled than the boys!

5 persons - 3 men and 2 women - are posing behind of a jagga table, awards in their hands

Under the ATRIUM dome, not a Cupid – Love is in the air!

Fun quiz “How well do you know your significant other”? gathered around the round table 4 couples from different nationalities – Sweden, Spain, Switzerland and Bulgaria. The battle was more than contested, there was only a minimal difference in points, so as many as four couples with the most matches in their answers walked away with special prizes from ATRIUM.

several people sitting around a round table, greenery around them

The party ended with more music, laughter and of course… wine.

Because, after all, isn’t the love of wine just another kind of love!


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