5 phrases typical for intelligent people

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They never say them by accident

“A smart person knows what to say, a wise person knows whether or not to say it.”

This old aphorism is true, but there is another way to tell if you are dealing with a smart person. Listen to the conversations of people known for their high intelligence: scientists, writers, economists, media moguls, heads of large corporations, good politicians. You’re bound to hear them say one of the following expressions. They contain much more meaning than it sounds at first glance, they are never said casually and they speak of professionalism.

"This is also an experience"

The ability to look for a lesson and draw it from any event, whether positive or negative; to see the valuable in both ordinary and complex situations; to learn from mistakes – personal and others… This skill is extremely important, but, alas, it is inherent only to visionaries, not to insecure individuals.

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"I do not want to argue"

A typical phrase for wise people who are able to judge when an argument makes sense and when it is pointless to seek arguments in defense of a given case. They express an opinion only on important issues and stand up for their views when the discussion is worth it.

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"You Know Better"

Intelligent people have a clear understanding of the topics on which they are incompetent and when it is better to leave the solution to their interlocutor. They are not afraid to admit their ignorance. By saying “you know better”, they express their respect for the person with whom they are having a dialogue and let them know that they don’t mind if they are superior to them.

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"The future will tell"

This is not an evasive statement or a time delay, but a foresight that smart people have acquired over the years and with work. They know that waiting is almost always wiser than spontaneity, and they prefer to play it safe and win in the future, even if it means delaying their projects.

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"I'm grateful for everything"

Intelligent people are accepting – they welcome both good and bad moments calmly and gratefully, because everything is an experience. They know how to forget the troubles, close their eyes to the insignificant and enjoy the pleasures, for each of these things they feel grateful.

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