5 Breakthrough Career Tips

The photo symbolizes career progress - a standing man, a businessman, on an asphalt road with trees on the side, photographed from chest to below the knees in a white shirt, gray jacket and dark blue jeans, with a leather bag over his shoulder and a thick book in one hand.

Drawn from psychology, they will make you more successful and more in demand

Psychology is at the heart of rewarding work – don’t you believe it? Even a plumber needs to be a bit of a psychologist to interact with people, to be persuasive to negotiate a deal. Even finer skills in this science of the mind are needed when trying to open the doors to corporate heaven and climb the career ladder – professionalism requires you to be good actors on the social stage.

Psychologists give quite valuable recommendations for business relationships, which at first reading are surprising because we are not expected to act like this, but judge for yourself after reading the advice.

1. Share tips for free

Contrary to the belief that there is no free lunch in business relationships and that unsolicited advice is not given, it is wisest to share professional guidance when you know what needs to be done and others do not have your knowledge and experience. This is not about doing the other person’s work, but about briefly explaining what would help, or connecting your interlocutor to a suitable person who would solve the problem. Do not worry that after this consultation they will copy the mechanism of action or steal your professional secret – the real good ones in their field do not hesitate to advise those who are in a difficult situation. Thus you will be useful to them, which is the second of the instructions of psychotherapists.

A glass jar labeled "advice" with a heart and dollar sign drawn on it, bills visible in the jar - photo illustrates text related to giving free advice.
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2. Be helpful

Being useful to the people around you is a value in all areas of life, regardless of the fact that in the conditions of business competition, a person no matter what will succeed if they are a little selfish. However, the other side of the coin is called collegiality, and being helpful to your colleagues is kind of implied. Help the contacts of the people on your team, help them with information, offer them an innovative approach and anything that would help them to be successful and efficient. This way you will strengthen your confidence and if you find yourself in a difficult situation, you can count on them returning the favor.

Outstretched hands, the fingers of which barely touch - an illustration of advice to be useful to others.
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3. Don't act friendly

Just because you do business with someone doesn’t make you friends. Don’t try to please them or listen to uninteresting personal stories. Consider: business relationships require some submission on one side, and touching on personal life topics in a conversation with people who do not know you well would be considered inappropriate familiarity and even flattery. It is appropriate only in passing, and the main and most discussed thing should be the common work.

Two women and a man in a shared workspace, seated, seen from the waist up, each doing their own work.
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4. Stand out from the crowd

Success is achieved not so much by employees who do not get up from the desk and work 10-12 hours a day, but by those who are in front of everyone’s eyes. Participate wherever you can be seen, speak, show, advise, write expert texts, be present in the eyes of others, because people who are not afraid to express an opinion more easily win the trust of colleagues, partners and clients.

Many raised hands and in the center a full-length figure - only she stands and stands out from the crowd.
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5. Always be punctual

True professionals are not late for meetings (because they are overwhelmed with commitments), they do not refuse to help under various pretexts, and they do not balk when they are asked to make a promise. When you are on time for business meetings, you say things directly, you don’t give false hopes and you keep your promises. When you are punctual and correct in everything, your reputation will only grow.

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