10 distinctive features of the visionary

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How do some people have a clear idea of the future?

Visionary thinking – it’s just different! This type of people have a very clear idea of what needs to be done to achieve a certain result. What pulls them forward in the race? Why working with such a person is a pleasure, what makes others follow them and be inspired by them? Here are 10 features:

1. Foresight

Visionaries are good strategists because they have the ability to plan, and this is due to the fact that they are far-sighted. They can put things in perspective and mentally consider all options, they analyze, test and choose the option that will bring them success. Even if they are not aware of all the details, they are organized enough to pay attention to them in time while fulfilling their idea. They know how to decide at what stage what is needed and who can do it.

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2. Persistence

“Good enough” is not enough for them, the visionaries are not satisfied with less than the top. They look for new opportunities and ways to achieve their goal and they never give up, even when it is very difficult. They will work hard to show their employees what they want to see as a result. But they will do it calmly and consistently.

3. The will to fight

They are ready to overcome everything that stands between them and success. The word “failure” does not exist for them because they are strong characters and cannot be easily intimidated. Masters of resisting internal and external pressures, they engage others in their perseverance. Something very important: they understand the nature of the risk, but they judge when they can overcome it and they take it decisively. They are assertive and act confidently, but after they have thought things through and are respectful. They are said to “have an iron grip, but act with silk gloves.”

4. Communicativeness

The ability to communicate with people in a way that makes them believe in you is inherent in great leaders and is closely linked to a positive attitude towards the world. If there is a problem, it is temporary, the future is good, and this optimistic attitude seems to doom their every step of success. Communication with them is easy and others strive for it. Pay attention to their behavior – they maintain constant eye contact in conversation, they listen, they ask clarifying questions, they show understanding, they master body language. Another advantage of this ease of communicating with leaders is that they always find the right people at the right time.

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5. Magnetism

Not every leader is an inspiring person, but when you have a visionary in front of you, you will recognize them by the fact that they attract people with open behavior and friendliness. These character traits make others show their best qualities. An example and inspiration for any company, visionaries know how to ignite the enthusiasm of others, their words are remembered and quoted.

6. In focus

After defining their main goal, the visionaries remain focused on it and do not deviate. Its implementation may require a change of team members or the adoption of unpopular measures, but since it is a step towards achieving this goal, they are willing to do it.

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7. Cooperation

Leaders among them know how to get the best out of the people they work with, to take advantage of their strengths – so everyone in the team does what they can, and the achievements are greater, there is balance. Visionaries are receptive to good ideas, so they motivate everyone on the team to participate in the creative process.

8. Creativity

This type of people have a great imagination and encourage people to ask themselves “What would happen if…” Visionaries are generators of original thinking and the search for innovative solutions, always interested in opportunities to improve something. This is how revolutionary achievements are achieved.

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9. Emotional intelligence

Not just intelligent in the traditional sense of the word – leaders are emotionally intelligent, they are able to understand the mentality of others, to sympathize with them. Empathy is close to them, so they show empathy for the problems and successes of others, even if their views differ.

10. Out of the box thinking

Such people are said to have a space of consciousness. Dedicated to the big picture, some would miss important details, but not the visionaries – they absorb all the information from many sources and are receptive to anything that might be helpful. They find flexible solutions and surround themselves with people who work with attention to detail.

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