Zoom meetings: what is the dress code

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Who follows it and how to look like experienced professionals even while working from bed - a list of appropriate clothing

Zoom – an increasingly used application for video conferencing, was developed specifically for people who work remotely and that is why it is extremely popular today. Depending on the subscription plan chosen by your company, the application allows you to conduct and record online meetings, supports HD video and audio connection, personal chat and many participants in one session – even 1000.

Of course, options for facilitating communication also offer Skype, Facetime and other platforms. However, Zoom is engaging us because its users have their own, unofficial dress code, derived from already established practices among people who generally work from home, such as YouTubers and other Internet personalities.

What to wear on Zoom

In a face-to-face meeting, you wouldn’t feel like you’re being watched under a microscope, but a business conference is a different matter – on a computer screen, most of the physical elements are removed and viewers focus on the face and clothing. The subconscious mind associates formal attire with work, with confidence and productivity, and when you dress professionally, you raise your own opinion of yourself and that of others. Your behavior becomes more professional, even if you work with the laptop in bed.

When choosing what to wear for a video talk, the winning principle is always that less is more. The people you interact with already have enough irritants: children, partners, pets to distract from what you say – do not give them another reason to lose focus by wearing something that distracts and overshadows your speech.

It is appropriate to wear clothes with a thick, fine light color and a simple, classic silhouette, if possible – in accordance with the policies of the employer. Do not dress too casually, as you would in a personal meeting and do not be too formal, because everyone knows that in a home environment, comfort is the most important part.

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Appropriate clothing depending on the meeting

  1. Blouse with long sleeves, shirt or T-shirt for business meetings.
  2. Outerwear: fitted jacket, vest or shirt-jacket – for meetings with clients and important presentations with top managers.
  3. Pants, dresses and skirts – even if you choose leggings, sports pants or a simple skirt, it is better to wear them, because you never know what will happen at a business meeting online. You may have to stand up – уou don’t want to be seen in panties and briefs with heart, do you? No one may see the lower half of your body, but if that happens, you won’t be embarrassed with pants or a skirt.
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What others will see

The clothes you wear must be ironed and clean, without creases, holes or stains, otherwise you will spoil all the good impression you hope to make with your conceptual project.

You can’t fool the camera. To judge what your colleagues and bosses will see as you talk, look at yourself from the camera’s point of view and judge not only your image but also your background in order not to disappoint other participants in the meeting with unacceptable ambient, such as dirty dishes in the sink or unmade bed.

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Dress code problems

According to a U.S. study on the subject last year, among 2,000 employees working in a home office, the most common dress code mistakes are overly casual clothing and overall appearance and showing too much skin.

27% of remote workers follow the unspoken Zoom label only from the waist up. Another 23% of them said they did not follow the dress code at all and did not find a good reason to do so.

Each of the three people said they were uncomfortable with the inappropriate outfit of one of their colleagues.

When asked if jeans should be allowed during a business meeting, 46% said a resounding “yes” and 51% said that jeans were acceptable at times.

Only 1% of respondents said they wanted a formal dress code.

Most participants in the study commented that they do not feel comfortable at a business meeting when they or someone else wears flip-flops, slippers or shoes without socks.

Some have expressed concern that it is difficult for them to hide their tattoos under polo-collars.

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