Women live longer, but worse

An elderly couple sits on a park bench and looks out over a lake

A study of elderly people in 18 countries proves it

Women live longer but worse because they age more difficult than men. 

Different gender roles in society affect not only their own empowerment but also their experience of aging. This is shown by research among aging people in 18 countries – members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The international analysis is published in Lancet Healthy Longevity. Given that the over-65 population is expected to double globally over the next 30 years, scientists have a lot to think about. 

male and female hand with fingers intertwined
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Men, according to the analysis, are better off in terms of income and financial stability, they have paid work and face health problems later in life. Women, according to statistics, live about 3 years longer than the representatives of the stronger sex, they suffer from health problems from an earlier age and for a longer time. 

elderly asian couple - woman and man - laughing standing side by side in a field of yellow flowers
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