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11 interesting facts about business - bet you didn't know them!

What does Yahoo mean? We’ll get to the answer to that question, but first… can you say quickly, “Two more carboxypeptidases, please!”? Probably not, that’s why the creators of the drink “Pepsi” preferred to name it after the digestive enzyme Pepsin instead of another digestive enzyme – Carboxypeptidase. This is one of the amusing business facts that you probably never knew. Enjoy reading!

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  • The most productive day of the week is Tuesday. And this has nothing to do with astrology but with the energy balance of the human body. That’s when we feel most focused on productivity, and not coincidentally, some of the most important meetings and project launches are scheduled for this day. But this scientific fact is not an excuse not to finish your tasks on the remaining working days.
  • The best-selling product of all time is the Rubik’s Cube (followed by the iPhone from Apple).
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  • 64% of smartphone owners use it in the bathroom – this is an official statistic, and researchers believe that the remaining 36% simply don’t admit it because smartphones have permanently replaced reading books and newspapers in this sacred place.
  • It is not at all random that the tables at Starbucks are round; it’s a matter of precise analysis by interior designers. According to them, customers who visit the establishment alone feel less lonely when sitting at a round table than a square one.
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  • Yahoo! is an acronym for the phrase “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.” David Filo and Jerry Yang, the creators of the directory with hierarchically organized web pages, added an exclamation mark after the acronym to distinguish it from the barbecue sauce brand of the same name.
  • 1 in 10 Europeans is conceived in an IKEA bedroom. The authors of this statistic have spared us the answer to the question of how many couples have split up while assembling the bed together…
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  • Warner Music owns the copyright for the song “Happy Birthday.” This technically means that you owe them a fee every time you sing it to someone. Imagine if someone invented an app like Shazam that, through a clever algorithm, records the use of the melody! Then it wouldn’t be surprising to receive a message one day that you’ve violated copyright…
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  • The largest search engine on the internet, Google, didn’t always go by that name. Initially, it was called BackRub. Its creators, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, came up with this name in 1996 because it traced and analyzed the backlinks that people made on the web, determining the most searched websites. However, at some point, Page and Brin didn’t like the name much and started looking for other names for their technology. During a brainstorming session, students from Stanford University mentioned the word “googol,” which stuck to the search engine much better.
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  • Why is Facebook’s logo blue? Mark Zuckerberg has a condition known as “color blindness” and doesn’t distinguish red, green, and some other colors well, unlike blue. This specific visual trait, called tritanopia, explains why the renowned innovator is usually dressed in a blue T-shirt and jeans. They say he even owns an entire wardrobe filled with such clothes.
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  • Everything you say to the intelligent voice assistant Siri on Apple, even a simple command like “Siri, turn off the lights!” is stored in the database for a period of 2 years. But this is not something extraordinary – there are people who remember even the most insignificant expressions and facts for decades.
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