The language of light in interiors

A male figure shot in reverse, so that only a silhouette of a man can be seen, sitting with his back at a table, opposite him, abundant light pours in from large windows, and through them tall buildings can be seen.

Installing the right lighting is a whole philosophy

With the increase in lighting options and the development of technology and design, the installation of light sources in rooms has become a whole philosophy. That’s good, because artificial light in the interior is much more important than it seems, and we’re going to prove it to you.

What is biodynamic lighting

We spend a lot of time in artificial light, in fact, most of our time, especially in winter, and it’s important to adhere to daylight and nighttime lighting standards. It is about evenly and sufficient distribution of light, to reduce glare and light flux pulsations.

Biodynamic lighting is as close as possible to natural lighting: more during the day, less in the morning and evening. It is based on the principle that artificial light can mimic the daily and seasonal cycle, unlike outdated lighting systems that do not adjust to the time of day and in the interior there is no way to reduce the temperature and light intensity.

There are entire systems for imitating natural light, for example LED windows that are built into walls or ceilings. Special optical systems recreate the sun’s rays realistically, and infrared LEDs give a warm effect.

A living room with white walls, a beige sofa, two stools with white shaggy mats on them, a shaggy carpet, on it a coffee table with elegant black legs and an old wooden table top, on the sofa there are decorative pillows - white shaggy fabric and blue, above the sofa there are an abstract painting in the same blue tones as the cushions and on either side of the sofa are two standing glowing beige lanterns.
Photo: Unsplash

How it affects health

Dimmed light in the morning and evening calms us down, cold daylight makes us more efficient, warm light protects us from chronic fatigue. With proper design and placement of quality light sources, vision and mood will not suffer. In addition to protecting the eyes, this approach also increases productivity, since lighting affects the biorhythms on which many processes in the body depend.

When making a concept for lighting in any interior, the most important requirement remains that it is safe for health and useful. That is possible when the lighting adequately compensates for the lack of natural light, and also has the possibility of individual control over it.

A spacious long bright room with an open plan - living room and kitchen area with many windows and at least 5 types of lamps - many freckles, four chandeliers of different shapes, a table lamp. In the foreground is a round light gray coffee table on a carpet in light gray and a little black, also a gray sofa with many decorative pillows, above it a large painting of a woman's face, a cabinet with a lamp, next to it a large white wardrobe, then a large gray kitchen island with lamps above it, a cooking area with a large hood and a dining table can be seen. Light comes in from all directions and makes the room big, bright and beautiful.
Photo: Unsplash

How it changes perceptions

Interior design is a visual art and the impression of it strongly depends on the lighting – what is the point of having artistically decorated floors and walls, and furnishing with luxurious and exquisite furniture, when they are not visible?! A poorly selected light can spoil the impression of even the most cleverly designed room, and a correctly selected one can turn even the most mediocre room into a magical corner, with its help you can control the perception of any interior space.

For example, if you “fill” the walls and ceiling with light, you will increase the size of the room visually, and this option is great when designing offices and halls. When you want to emphasize something important, it is also easiest to achieve it through light.

Keep in mind that artificial lighting can easily “distort” colors, and to prevent this you need light bulbs with a high color rendering index.

Light shades have a strong influence on the human psyche, so lighting projects that combine warm and cold light are especially interesting: warm is more “homely” and cozy, cold, distributed evenly, predisposes to business. The combination of the two is most clever when warm light is used for accent and cold light for background.

Living room and kitchen in one, warm natural colors prevail - light wooden parquet, wooden coffee table and wooden cabinets in the kitchen area. It is separated from the living room by a high bar in light gray, the walls are also light gray. The sofa is brown, above it there is a picture of a landscape in gray-yellow shades, on the floor there is a gray carpet. Lighting comes from the window at the bottom of the room and numerous sconces on the ceiling, as well as two chandeliers above the bar and a table lamp next to the sofa.
Photo: Unsplash

How it affects emotions

Slightly challenging, measuredly cutting, modern design should attract attention and arouse excitement, create pleasant sensations – emotions are strongly influenced by light, because it is the one thing that gives dynamism to static furniture and architecture.

An interior can have a different “character” depending on how it is lit, so every space needs an overall lighting concept that is based on the possible thoughts, associations, attitudes and reactions it will evoke. For relaxation use the colors of sunrise and sunset, for work focus on strong sunlight.

The colors of the light also say a lot: warm white awakens sleep, amber warms like the sun, blue is perceived as night, red – as a signal of attention, green immerses in calmness… The language of light in the interior is quite eloquent and when mastered, one can say a lot, to conduct an interesting dialogue and to establish an individual relationship with the space.

A living room in which gray tones prevail - one whole wall is occupied by a library section in gray, and in its center there is a lit fireplace, which illuminates the room in warm light and changes the strict features of the interior. There are many books and round and round ornaments on the library shelves, the chandelier has three large round balls, the coffee table is made of glass and is a triangle with rounded corners, and there are two black armchairs.
Photo: Unsplash


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