The Environment Day at ATRIUM celebrated with a WORKSHOP

A yellow wall with the inscription: I see trees of green and red roses too" and creations made of toilet paper rolls

Creative green ideas from toilet paper rolls and old gift wrapping

Let’s make a workshop and celebrate the Environment Day!

Butterflies and bees, dogs and owls, human faces, colorful bouquets and favorite cartoon characters – anything can be made from old and useless toilet paper rolls! Don’t you believe? Don’t be too quick to disbelief, just take a look at the unique creations that our ATRIUM friends from DevOcean Solutions, Flax and Teal Limited, Tech Research Studies and Finance Incorporated Limited have produced.

An owl made of a roll of toilet paper, photographed among greenery

WORKSHOP with a cause on the occasion of Environment Day at ATRIUM

On the 5th of June, we celebrated once again the International Environment Day.
A day when we ask ourselves: “What will we leave behind?”. Oceans of plastic? Ashes of burned forests? Endangered animal species? Or the worst – morals and values in the red book?
The figures from the UN reports become more startling with each passing year – for example, the record nearly 60 million tons of e-waste today (more than the weight of the Great Wall of China) will be 74.7 million tons by 2030, and only 17.4% of them are recycled. Alarmingly large amounts of plastic are clogging the oceans, and climate change is causing fires in the forests that are the “lungs” of the planet.

The letter A written with rolls of toilet paper and decorated with natural Scandinavian moss

The Three "R" (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle)

We, at ATRIUM, believe that even the smallest step towards a more sustainable life can make a big difference! That’s why we apply the three R’s (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) every day, and we decided to dedicate the last Wednesday of May to Environment Day.

A beautiful flower made with used toilet paper rolls, decorated with natural Scandinavian moss


A week before June 5th, we invited colleagues and friends to an improvised art workshop of ATRIUM to give a second life to old cardboard toilet paper rolls and to give everyone the opportunity to create their unique artistic masterpiece. That’s right, it sounds strange and unusual, but our imagination can give birth to real works of art from any object that we are used to instinctively throw in the trash. The ATRIUM team went out of their way to provide all the necessary materials (it wasn’t too difficult because toilet paper turns out to be one of the most used supplies)!

Four women hold two rolls of toilet paper in their hands. The rolls are in front of their eyes and this create the illusion that they are looking through binoculars

The Winners

Dear friends, thank you to everyone for participating in our art workshop on the occasion of Environment Day.
Every work you have created is a testimony of your commitment to the future of our planet. After a week of voting, here are the winners:

3rd place – Tanya Tsenkina from DevOcean Solutions with her work – minion figure “M5”.
2nd place – Andrea Kyurchiev from Flax & Teal with “Father Nature”
The work that received the most of our votes was the butterfly created by Ralitsa Ferdinandova from Tech Research Studies.
Congratulations to the winners!

A cyclamen butterfly, a human face with a hat and mustache from Scandinavian moss and a minion cartoon character made from used toilet paper

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, and the next best time is now!

– Japanese proverb


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