The Cool Mood Board Trick

A man wearing a white t-shirt with patterned bird prints is holding colorful cubes in front of his face, and many colorful cubes are flying around.

The Moodboard invention inspires not only designers

At times when happiness hits rock bottom, you can get your smile back with a trick borrowed from interior designers.

A collage of ideas

The moodboard was invented to make the workflow between designer and client smoother. But it can work for anyone looking for a visual project of an idea.

It’s simple: you compose different photos, illustrations, diagrams, wallpaper samples, pieces of fabric, excerpts of text, designed to evoke different associations depending on the chosen style or concept. Yes, it’s the same as the good old collage that we remember from school years, when various photos and poems dedicated to flowers, sun and love were pasted in the notebooks.

Multiple color and black and white photos scattered around, centering the composition is a cup of cappuccino, a pot of cactus and a camera strap.
Photo: Unsplash

What purpose does it have

A mood board is effective in many ways, but most of all it helps you gather your thoughts and ideas in one place and visualize them.

Example: you decide to work on the theme “sea” and compile various elements that you associate with the beach, waves and boats. By arranging favorite pieces of images, wise thoughts and pieces of lace like sea foam, patchwork, it’s like painting a new picture.

The flight of imagination will help you make a variety of combinations, depending on whether you will decorate the children’s room in sea colors, whether you have been entrusted with the layout of the packaging of cosmetics with algae, whether you are developing a fashion line of dresses for the summer or working on a project of a website with a marine theme. The projects will vary, but will always look artistic.

Inscriptions on cards arranged indiscriminately on a wall, in the center on a yellow sheet is written You are my sunshine.
Photo: Unsplash

Stimulates the imagination

The best part is that as you experiment with a variety of colors, textures, styles and shapes on one common board, inspiration grows and suggests new and new images. Besides being a fun and creative activity, it’s also a great way to relax. Whether the mood board will come into use in your direct work or not, it will be an original and aesthetic decoration wherever you place it. It could freshen up any home and office, and it’s quite useful if you’re planning a renovation.

A man in a white shirt and both his hands are stained with paints of different colors, in one hand he holds a pen, in the other a paintbrush.
Photo: Unsplash


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