Reels Workshop with Anastasia SHAKHMATOVA in the artistic space of ATRIUM

Workshop - a group of women are sitting around a rectangular table, and at the bottom of the picture one of them is talking. A monitor can be seen behind her

Practical course for shooting short videos
from A to Z

Reels Workshop with Anastasia SHAKHMATOVA (@anastasialifebook) took place in the artistic space of ATRIUM. Eight businesswomen who want to develop their presence on social networks got acquainted with the details of shooting short videos – something that at first glance seems simple, but of course has its specifics.

“If you know the specifics of this field well, you could easily achieve success in social networks organically, i.e. without using paid advertising” – says Anastasia herself. Knowledge of theory and practice is essential to success in proven social media tools like Reels, on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Two women are shooting a video with a phone - one is shooting and the other is talking to the camera. A round lamp is also visible in the frame

The Workshop had several panels:

THEORY – all the features of making Reels – from shooting and setting the light to editing.

GROUP PRACTICE – shooting in Reels groups in 5 different styles.

INDIVIDUAL PRACTICE – recording of individual videos (with a personal ring lamp) with mentoring by Anastasia.

Office space, two women sitting on chairs talking and a third taking a picture of them with a phone

Who is Anastasia Shakhmatova?

Her name is closely associated with “Woman LifeBook”. Her mission is to help women find themselves and their personal happiness. Drawing on her many years of experience, she created Woman LifeBook, where every woman can write her own happy story!

The Woman LifeBook team includes highly qualified specialists in the field of psychology and personal development who are available with their courses, trainings and consultations.

They work on varieties of topics such as Love Addiction, Relationships, Self-Realization, Love and Value, Femininity and many more.

For 7 years, Anastasia Shakhmatova has been producing experts and showing them to the world from their strongest side. Author of one of the strongest Coach Schools, which developed from a beautiful idea into a large-scale project, enabling many professions to be adapted online.

Anastasia’s next challenge to the ladies is her intriguing Marketing Workshop. More details can be found here.

A blonde woman is sitting on a chair, in front of her is a round Instagram lamp and a mobile phone attached to the lamp

It doesn’t take money to start a business, it takes the right knowledge!


– Anastasia Shakhmatova 

Creator of “Woman LifeBook”


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