Orlin Goranov Filmed the Music Video for “Don’t Say Goodbye Tonight” Under the Glass Dome of ATRIUM

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The filming took place amidst the greenery of ATRIUM Lounge and the artistic atmosphere of Moon Suite

Orlin Goranov filmed the music video for the song “Don’t Say Goodbye Tonight” under the glass dome of ATRIUM. The song was created and recorded back in 2016 at the invitation of the incredible Bulgarian composer Ivaylo Terziev, who has literally produced “diamonds” over the years.

“‘Don’t Say Goodbye Tonight’ came to me like a warm summer rain. I fell in love with it from the first listen!” admits Orlin Goranov, adding, “It is important for me to feel the song, to imagine pictures while listening to it, and for it to make me dream!”

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Photo: Orlin Goranov

"Don’t Say Goodbye Tonight"

The sound of “Don’t Say Goodbye Tonight” is gentle, exciting, and captivating, adhering to Orlin Goranov’s characteristic singing style. This overall feeling and inspiration are the foundation on which Jeason Brad Lewis, the director of the video, builds. He chose actress and model Dilyana Popova to play the role of The Dream.

“I wanted Dilyana to be The Thought. The thought of the beautiful woman you meet on the street and fall in love with. Then she follows you everywhere in everything you do – she fills your days, makes you smile, saddens you, excites you. Dilyana Popova is an exceptional professional. We are working together for the first time, and I am captivated by her abilities,” says the director.

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Photo: Diliana Popova

I wanted Dilyana to be The Thought…

– Jeason Brad Lewis

The filming of the video was entirely carried out in ATRIUM. Some scenes were shot amidst the greenery of the artistic ATRIUM Lounge, while others were filmed in the Moon Suite of the ATRIUM boutique hotel. During the shooting process, clients, guests, and coworkers at ATRIUM had the pleasure of enjoying the beautiful piece, as well as Orlin Goranov’s exceptional voice. Many were also impressed by the professionalism and beauty of actress and model Dilyana Popova.

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Photo: Orlin Goranov and Diliana Popova

"50 Years of Magic on Stage"

“Don’t Say Goodbye Tonight” will be part of Orlin Goranov’s upcoming album, expected to be released this year. 2024 is a significant year for his career as he will celebrate “50 Years of Magic on Stage” with a country-wide tour and a world-class concert-spectacle at Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture (NDK) on November 19. One of the Bulgarian audience’s favorite performers will delight them with concerts in six cities, culminating in Sofia.

The musical events will start in Plovdiv on June 26, followed by Shumen on June 28, Veliko Tarnovo on August 5, Pleven on August 6, Stara Zagora on August 9, Varna on October 6, and Sofia on November 19.

Orlin Goranov will perform some of his most popular songs in a contemporary manner – with new concert arrangements specially created for the series of musical events. The overall musical experience will be enhanced by a lavish stage, special visual effects, multimedia, high-quality sound, and lighting.

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Photo: Orlin Goranov

‘Don’t Say Goodbye Tonight’ came to me like a warm summer rain.

– Orlin Goranov


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